The Value of Targeted Ad Serving (Digital Display) to the right audience at the right time

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In the world of Agri-brand advertising the options in the offline world are well known, proven, wide and varied. From direct mail, to print publications, to radio and television, and outdoor display.  Agri-brands have moved the same messaging and communications to their analogous forms online:

  • Direct Mail → Email
  • Print Publications → Display Advertising on online publications
  • Terrestrial Radio → Digital and Satellite radio
  • Television → Digital display advertising,addressable TV, online video ads
  • Outdoor Display → Digital display advertising

Now, smart brands are using these online channels more effectively powered by a wealth of offline data to more acutely target and personalize your message.  Brands can go from “Buy my product, isn’t it awesome” to “Our product has been proven to help CORN growers in ILLINOIS overcome and prospect during DROUGHT conditions”.  With FMID data to enhance your online targeting the CAPITALIZED words can pinpoint and personalize the message yielding maximum engagement.

Using agricultural data insights to target the farmer or rancher is something we at FMID know a great deal about- bringing reach and accuracy to Ag brands for decades. Now, we bring you the linkage to digital.

Major FMID segments are on-boarded at LiveRamp (a division of Acxiom) and delivered to multiple DMP’s (Data Management Platforms) for targeting farmers and ranchers in various online channels (the decision makers) to give lift in response and reach in brand exposure.

You now have the ability to support all of your current ad channels with a targeted digital ad solution.

Consider being able to provide a 20 to 30% increase in response to your offers and ads.

We make it easy for you. You tell us which DMP you integrate with, or we can recommend one, and we push the segments you need.

The entire FMID database is on-boarded with the following 9 segments to insure you have meaningful reach.

  • Gross Farm Income- in segments from $100K to $5MM+
  • Total Farm Acres
  • Total Planted Acres
  • Planted Acres- Cereal Grains
  • Planted Acres Corn
  • Planted Acres Soy
  • Planted Acres Wheat
  • Planted Acres Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Specialty Crops
  • Planted Acres Hay

And, like all media- you can test a combination of channels to discover the most optimal response outcome.

Here’s what you can expect:

According to Google Research brands are experiencing lifts of 2.5X to 3.5X over other media when using digital display.

Additionally, citing Smart Insights– looking at the last 12 months of Click through Rates (CTR):

For general consumer ad buys- you can expect a solid average of 0.10% CTR. Which is 1 Click Through for every 1000 impressions. For more targeted media like FMID you can test your way to CTR’s of 0.20-0.35%.

So for every million impressions at the very least you can expect 10,000 click-throughs. That’s a powerful number in the ag world and if you can convert 10-15% of your click-throughs you will enjoy a hefty ROI, depending on your average transaction size.

We’re here to help, educate and introduce you to the confluence of off-line and digital marketing.