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In the meantime, here are a couple resources that should help you.

Free eBook: Modernize Your Marketing & Sales

This eBook will help you transform your marketing and sales efforts and bring them to a new level. Learn how to strategize, market, and sell using the power of data and facts. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to collect, verify and store data
  • How to use data to better understand your farmers and the land they work
  • How to create targeted audiences that are segmented based on the data you collect
  • How to use multiple channels to advertise to and nurture relationships with farmers
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Using Data in the Field: A Handbook for Agribusiness Sales Professionals

This is our complete guide to improving your sales operation. Download this eBook if you want to know how to:
  • Master sales conversations through a full understanding of the farm operation
  • Develop targeted sales proposals that target farmers’ pain points and solve their problems
  • Understand what happens when you don’t use data
  • And much more…
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