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Farm Market iD is the leader in data analytics for the U.S. agriculture market.

The U.S. agriculture market is the largest in the world and continues to evolve to better feed the world. This is absolutely necessary, as the world’s population is estimated to grow to nine billion by 2050.

To succeed in this changing market, agribusinesses need fact-based market intelligence datasets and management solutions to help them drive strategy, market with precision and sell with confidence.

That’s where we come in.

As experts in data analytics, data management and applied data science, we leverage our proprietary database to reveal insights and opportunities for agribusinesses to increase competitiveness, grow revenues and, ultimately, better equip farmers in their important work.

We know farmers, their fields and their crops intimately. Our data is not surveyed, modeled or extrapolated. It’s objective, actionable and fact based.

We offer the most accurate and current agriculture intelligence in the industry. Let us help you gain a competitive edge with  the power of data.

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Who We Are

We’re a longtime partner of the agribusiness sector. We’ve been providing agri-data solutions to agribusiness intelligence, marketing and sales professionals for over four decades. Our data has been a staple of the industry from the very beginning, and we’re constantly innovating and improving to provide the best experience for our users. It’s the core foundation upon which the Farm Market iD story is built.

We consistently deliver results and reliable data. Our data has been proven to improve marketing efforts, sales conversations and return on investment. Armed with fact-based knowledge about their prospects, agribusiness professionals have been able to increase their market share, share of wallet and overall revenue in their sectors.

We focus on the needs of both individual customers and the market at-large. Our customers are the center of what we do. They’re our roadmap. Our mission is to serve their needs so they can, in turn, help make America’s farmers more effective in feeding the over 300 million mouths here. We’re continually listening to the market to find out where to go next.

We’re continually innovating to provide more and better ways for agribusiness professionals to use our data. We’ve supplied critical data for the top equipment, seed, chemical and retail companies for over 40 years. Our database of farmers and farmland owners is unrivaled in its size, breadth and accuracy. Our marketing data services have been helping companies understand, analyze and manage customer and prospect data and the market in general for over four decades. The Farm Market iD story is one of innovation, while maintaining our role as a trusted partner for many in agribusiness.

Farm Market iD

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