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Access Data Where You Need it Most

Use the Farm Market iD API to integrate our first-class database with compatible applications.

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Integrated Access to Farm & Grower Data

Introducing the Farm Market iD API. Take our data, put it in the tools you use most, and use it to inform your key business decisions.

Direct Access to Our Database

Access agriculture’s most accurate, comprehensive, detailed and current database without spreadsheets, lists or imports.

Integration with All Your Applications

Incorporate these insights into your web, desktop and mobile applications so you’ll always have the information you need to make decisions.

Flexibility and Potential to Grow

You can request calls to be added to the API at any time, and we’ll add them as we are able. Once added, new calls are available to all users.

What You’re Accessing

We can add our fully documented REST API–using the latest and most up-to-date programming standards–to any of our data licensing plans. Your developers can then directly integrate key data points into web, desktop and mobile applications, or anywhere where REST is supported and you need to display or access the data.

The information provided by the API will tie directly into end-user licensing. Thus, the API is ready to be implemented from day zero with no additional configuration necessary.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of data you can get from our database through the API:

Grower Information

Get details for specific growers, including name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, email, gender, owner vs. operator status, and more.

Grower Information

Land by Grower

Get all the land owned and operated by a specific grower.

Land by Grower

Related Growers

Get all the household, business, split subsidy payment, phone and land relationships for a specific grower.

Related Growers

Crop Details

Get crop information for both specific growers and specific pieces of land, segmentable by crop year(s).

Crop Details

Crop Rotation

Get crop rotation information for a given piece of land.

Crop Rotation

Grain Bins by Land

Get the grain bins connected to a specific piece of land.

Grain Bins by Land

Grain Bins by Search Radius

Get all the grain bins within a specific search radius.

Grain Bins by Search Radius

Grain Points of Service

Get all the details regarding a specific grain Point of Service: an elevator, ethanol plant or feedlot.

Grain Bins Points of Service

Support Your Teams in their Decision-Making

Your agribusiness succeeds when your teams — strategy, marketing and sales — are empowered to make the best decisions possible. With access to detailed information about prospects and customers, our API makes that quicker and easier than ever. 

Bring all your information under one roof: your roof. Directly access our data and put it where you want it. Seamlessly integrate the data into your marketing and sales workflows by incorporating it into all your compatible applications.

Access crucial farm and grower data across your entire tech stack. Connect this data with your web, desktop, and mobile applications compatible with REST API. Give your team the insights they need within the tools they use.

Don’t delay your next campaign or project. We allow access to our API with no lag time, as it ties directly with end-user licensing. Thus, your IT team will be able to implement it on Day Zero.

Never be in the dark. Our API is fully transparent, allowing you to request information into previous calls at any time. You’ll always have full access into how the API is exercised.

License the API for your team

Talk to our team about how to license our data and the API.