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Company Description: Farm Market iD is the leading provider of farm and grower data to inform and improve agribusiness strategy, marketing and sales efforts. Our database covers over 2 million active growers – including $311 billion spent on seed, crop protection and other products – and is the only source of field-level data connected to owners and operators. This data powers agribusiness web applications, end-to-end marketing services, licensing and list rental, and custom data solutions.

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Recent News

Farm Market iD Adds 44 Million Irrigated Acres to its Database

Westmont, IL (May 6, 2020) — Farm Market iD announces the launch of new field-level irrigation data which provides deeper insights for agribusinesses to better understand and serve their farmers.The new data identifies farm fields that are irrigated and classifies them based on type of irrigation. The irrigation falls within four categories: pivot irrigation, non-pivot sprinkler, other irrigation (flood, micro, etc.) and non-irrigated…[Continue Reading]

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Farmers Show Concern About Coronavirus’ Effect on Business

Omaha, NE (March 30, 2020) — Farmers are showing general concern about how the coronavirus pandemic will influence the coming crop year, their businesses in general and even their family’s health, according to a current online poll conducted by DTN and data analytics company Farm Market iD. More than 69% of farmers polled don’t have a prepared backup plan should they become sick with the virus themselves….[Continue Reading]

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Farm Market iD Releases API to Provide Real-Time Access to Data

Westmont, Ill. (March 30, 2020) — Farm Market iD announced today that it is making its data accessible to clients in real-time through the launch of its new API (application programming interface).

In recent years, Farm Market iD has been focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to complement its market-leading farm, farmer and crop database and this is the latest example. The API launch empowers developers with the ability to integrate the Farm Market iD data into their applications and systems in a nimble way…[Continue Reading]

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Big Reach Network Renews Multi-Year Agreement with Farm Market iD

CHICAGO, Illinois — Big Reach Network announces that they’ve renewed their exclusive multi-year agreement with Farm Market iD, giving them sole digital-use access to the most accurate, detailed and current farmer database in agriculture to power their Precision Reach programmatic advertising platform.

“Farm Market iD’s data helps put the ‘precise’ in Precision Reach. It allows agrimarketers to target specific farmers with 100% confidence that their digital ad message is being served to the right crop growers and livestock producers,” said Bob Schenck, president Big Reach Network…[Continue Reading]

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2019 Crop Production: 17.4 Million “Lost Acres” Identified

WESTMONT, Ill. (September 19, 2019) — Farm Market iD’s updated, in-season data now includes this season’s “lost acres”. In total, 17.4 million crop production acres have been lost in key broad-acre states compared to 18 million acres reported by USDA in the same states.

Lost acres include fields and acres that are normally planted and now have a failed crop, were never planted or contain a cover crop. The data is incorporated into Farm Market iD’s FarmFocus and FieldVision applications as a demographic summary of acres or visualized through field mapping…[Continue Reading]

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Annual Update: 2018 Crop Year Data Covers 2.8 Million Growers, 323 Million Planted Acres

WESTMONT, Ill. (July 3, 2019) — Farm Market iD released its annual farmer, crop and farmland database update on June 28, 2019, providing powerful insights from the 2018 crop year. This granular, field-level data mapped to farmers covers 95+ percent of U.S. farmers and crops to help agribusinesses understand and communicate with their market, including market and wallet share analysis…[Continue Reading]

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150,000 Growers and 16 Million Acres Impacted by Midwest Flooding

WESTMONT, Ill. (April 17, 2019) — The Midwest flooding crisis has already damaged grain and potentially many grain bin structures and is expected to present problems into July, impacting the current planting season.

A geospatial intersection of Farm Market iD’s land data with a flood map from March 16-24, 2019, showed that Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas are experiencing significant impacts from the flooding…[Continue Reading]

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Farm Market iD Offers On-Farm Grain Storage Data to Agribusiness

WESTMONT, Ill. (Feb 25, 2019) — Geospatial analysis and data science help to deliver details of over 1.1million grain bins representing more than $75 billion in stored grain.

Farm Market iD has now added on-farm grain storage data to their powerful database, built on more than 900 million acres of land and 34 million farm fields, which are linked to 2.8 million farm owners and operators…[Continue Reading]