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Identify High-Value Prospects for Your Grain Business

On-farm grain storage data to determine growers’ count of grain bins
and storage capacity tied to the land they operate, covering 98 percent of the market.

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GrowerProfile with 2018 Data

Identify and Serve Growers with Grain Storage

On-farm grain storage capacity by county

Optimize grain origination by knowing who has on-farm storage.

Identify the farmers who have grain storage, the count of bins and the capacity of the operation.

Understand the grower’s economics and grain marketing needs.

Cross-reference acreage, crop history and Gross Farm Income with on-farm grain storage data to understand the inner workings of the operation and identify their grain marketing needs.

Find available grain before and after harvest. 

Access the most up-to-date grain storage data in the industry at various points of the year to plan your marketing and sales communications around the season.

See how many elevators, feedlots and ethanol plants are within various distances of grain bins. 

Focus on targets with minimum investment cost by seeking out grain storage facilities near your target locations.

On-Farm Grain Storage Data - Identify in GrowerProfile

Easily Access Through Our Applications

Find segments of your market with grain storage in FarmFocus

Segment your data by grain bin count and total storage capacity by using the drill down and search tools in FarmFocus. Determine the counts for your audiences so you can target a clearly defined audience.

On-farm grain storage - FarmFocus

Search for grain bins by location in FieldVision.

Use FieldVision’s location services to identify farms within an up to 10-mile radius of a given location, and see where the grain bins are located on the land. Use grain bins as a filter criterion to highlight the growers you want to reach.

On-farm grain storage - FieldVision

Identify the grain bin capacity of specific growers in GrowerProfile. 

For qualifying growers, GrowerProfile will show you the location of the grain bin on the land, as well as the capacity of each bin. See the whole of the grower’s grain storage ability so you can tailor your marketing and sales communications to them.

On-farm grain storage - GrowerProfile

How We Acquire & Process This Data

The story behind our on-farm grain storage data is a great example of how we problem solve to meet our customers’ requests. Read the blog to learn more about this process.

On-Farm Grain Storage Summary in Lasalle

We collect and process approximately thousands of images to identify 1.1 million grain bins and 15 billion bushels of storage tied to the land that growers operate.

On-farm grain storage - see the data

We calculate each grain bin’s capacity by determining height and radius by using only objective, geospatial data.

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