New Platform Updates and Data Enhancements – 25% Discount Offer on Email

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We recently completed the Crop Year 2016 update of our Farm Market iD database. In connection with this update, we added some requested data enhancements, and feature upgrades to our Farm Focus and Field Vision platforms.

Data Enhancements – Email Addresses

We significantly upgraded our email addresses to increase coverage and deliverability.  Currently we have over 1,026,596 emails that are recently validated and attached to growers/ranchers. These email addresses are available for appending to your files, or for customer acquisition, surveys and market research.  A summary of these emails is belowAlso, you can use our email addresses to link your customers or FMID prospects to user’s online profiles in Facebook and Twitter thus letting you take advantage of the custom audience features on these platforms.

Additionally, any criteria you use to pinpoint segments for your email campaigns can be used to deliver targeted display and mobile advertising through our partnership with Big Reach Network.  Integrating email with display, mobile and social media will improve performance across all of the integrated channels and thus increase ROI.  We are offering a promotion for the month of July.  For any new email campaigns, we will take 25% off the total cost.  Click here and mention 25% to inquire.

Data Enhancements – Irrigated Farms

To address a much requested data select and enhancement, our database now indicates farm fields that have some type of irrigation.  With our 2016 crop year update we have the following:

This irrigation flag can be appended to your records, or used to request data from FMiD either as a list or annual data license.

Data Enhancements – Crop Input Spends

Using our detailed field level data on crops and acres, we cross referenced this against spend data covering categories such as Chemicals, Fertilizer and Seed to estimate spend potential, or wallet size, for all of the farms and farmers in our database.  If you sell Corn, we can tell you where those seed dollars are, who has them, and how to get them.  This data is represented in our nationwide database covering 94% of all the major crops.   We are currently using this intelligence to deliver market share and customer wallet share analysis for our customers. Below are maps showing the concentration of spend across the country, within these spend categories:


Also, we released several feature enhancements to our Field Vision and Farm Focus platforms as described below:

Field Vision Enhancements

  • Added Map Center Lat/Lon to blue status bar
  • Altered Styling to shade land with an Unknown Grower to grey
  • Added link Grower Profile, if you have the application enabled for your UserID


Farm Focus Enhancements

  • Added Phone to Growers Grid


Grower Profile Enhancements

  • Enhanced Related Grower functionality to show common fields and acreage, unique fields and acreage, and added definitions for the various relationships
  • Addressed some Responsive issues for mobile
  • Added link for driving directions to Growers Address from you Current location


Here are some links to short videos on our applications: