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Build your market strategy on real, reliable agriculture market data. 

MarketView will enable you to use our data to make strategic decisions. Here are a few of the features:

  • Create interactive dashboards to view all your high-level data
  • Filter selections on the dashboard
  • Drill down into the data for deeper insights
  • Visualize data through charts, graphs, maps and more
  • Find unique address, phone, and email counts for all growers in your selected segment
  • And much more

Key MarketView Features

Create custom interactive dashboards. Choose from a variety of available components to create a custom, interactive dashboard for your business. See high-level counts, geographic locations of growers in your segment, ideal places for market penetration and much more.

Drill down into dashboard components. Not only does MarketView let you see the high-level data, but you can also drill down to see the details. Our data can be either summative or granular, depending on what you need.

Visualize your data in a variety of ways. Whether you want to see your data as a pie chart, bar graph or a trend line, MarketView lets you visualize so you can better interpret, and act on, your findings.

Find unique counts for Growers, Addresses and Emails. As you plan your marketing campaigns, it’s important to know the size of those segments. Whether you’re sending emails, direct mail, social media ads, targeted programmatic or any other ads, these counts can help you see just how much impact a particular segment will give you.

Integrate with FarmFocus, FieldVision and Grower Profile. A well-developed revenue strategy can’t stop at the planning stage – it has to move into the execution stage. That’s why MarketView integrates with FarmFocus, FieldVision and Grower Profile. Now, you can seamlessly connect your strategy, marketing and sales efforts in an integrated go-to-market effort.

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