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Find your next ideal audience.

Use Farm Market iD’s database with coverage of over 95 percent of growers to find a precisely targeted, highly reliable and accurate agriculture prospect list based on your demographics.

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Draw from nation’s most comprehensive and current database of farmers. We combine our highly accurate data with our world class qualification process to create reliable and high-performing email lists.

Focus your list based on any geographic or demographic criteria. Select your crop, or group of crops, livestock, acreage size, location…whatever fits your marketing needs.

Expect precisely targeted audiences. Because our database can create custom audiences based on over 150 demographics – including number of acres, farm income, crop rotation, livestock and more – we can take your criteria and build a precise audience that is most likely to respond to your marketing communications.

Rely on the most accurate data available. When you receive a list from Farm Market iD, you can trust that the information is accurate. Click here to learn more about how we keep our database up-to-date.

Only target the farming operation’s decision-maker. Most farm lists can’t distinguish between owners and operators. With our data, we can tell you who’s operating the farm, making sure that your first conversation is with the decision-maker.

Work with a highly reliable partner. Many agri-marketers are just starting to explore email marketing and are looking for high quality farm lists. Others have been running direct mail campaigns for a while but are looking for more accurate mailing lists. Whatever your needs, we’ve been providing reliable data to agribusinesses for decades, and we’re ready to help you.

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