John Montandon to join as a strategic advisor with Farm Market iD

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Westmont, IL – Farm Market iD (FMiD) announced today that John Montandon, former owner and founding partner of FMiD, has agreed to rejoin the company as an advisor to CEO, Steve Rao, the FMiD management team and the company’s Board of Directors. John joins the company at a key stage as the company spun out after a successful exit of its sister company. The company is developing strategy to aggressively expand its product and service offerings that leverage its proprietary database providing detail information on 92% of farm production in the U.S., including deep detail on the grower and the farm fields.

“John brings a wealth of farm and related data knowledge to Farm Market iD. I’m personally looking forward to his contributions and leadership as we move rapidly toward expanding our data and data solutions products.” said Steve Rao.

Montandon commented, “FMiD has always held a special place in my heart and mind. As an equity holder and a strong advocate of high level data solutions for agribusiness, I’m committed to the company’s continued growth and success.”

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