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“Everything has a meaning or nothing has.  To put it another way, one could say that art is without noise.”

– Roland Barthes

The promise of Big Data has been the possibility to aggregate and analyze all the data that your company creates, thus enabling you to make better, smarter decisions in real-time.  That promise is still a worthwhile pursuit, but several disconnects exist that preclude this promise from becoming fulfilled.  As most companies do not have a staff of data scientists or decades of experience in building, managing and applying large complex databases, they often stumble or fall flat on their face when trying to answer the key business questions or illuminate important insights.

Some typical obstacles encountered include:

  • The person that needs the data does not have access
  • The data is not in a usable format
  • The data is old or inaccurate
  • The data to answer the questions existing in different silos
  • You don’t have the data or it is incomplete
  • IT is backlogged
  • Translation problems between business needs and IT
  • Inability to filter out the noise

Farm Market iD (FMiD) understands these challenges.  Social media, sensor data, IT logs, website traffic and geospatial data all stream together to form the Big Data within your organization.  And your ability to consume outside data is minimal at best and a distraction at worst.  It can be overwhelming.

There are lots of important ag questions that can be answered by data that already exists. So how should agribusiness leverage this data to answer these questions?  A nimble approach could be to access the very specific pieces of data you need through an API or Web Services.  This allows an agribusiness company to focus on its core business rather than compile, build and manage many different relational databases.  Essentially you just program your systems to call a 3rd party system (like Farm Market iD) to request very specific information.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • You have customers and prospects data in your CRM system but want to understand the overall farm operation including crop rotation
  • You have a crop scouting system and you want to access field boundaries of fields scouted
  • You want your warehouses’ access location and geospatial data around to ship to locations

What if Farm Market iD can eliminate all these challenges for you?

By leveraging FMiD’s SaaS offerings, you can link to all the power of the Farm Market database with a single click within your various homegrown or licensed 3rd party systems (e.g. CRM).  Imagine being able to access historical crop acreages, crop rotation patterns, associated grower relationships, land boundaries and more all within a single responsive web page.

We have recently completed our API so our clients who utilize can create a custom link within their existing account and dynamically query the FMiD database for that contact or lead.  And this requires minimal setup.  No need to send out data extracts.  No need to load data into your CRM.

See how it works here:

Link directly from your Salesforce environment to our new Grower Profile page powered by FarmFocus.

Your team can have immediate access to the exact data they need, in an easily understood format.

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