FMiD Caps Off 2017 with Detailed Product Updates

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2017 may be nearing a close, but that doesn’t mean that the Farm Market iD team is slowing down.

In fact, just the opposite: we’re finishing the year strong with some extensive product updates that are expanding the scope and effectiveness of all our data-powered applications.

We created these applications as a way to take our millions of farm and grower records, and make them more accessible to agri-marketers, sales reps and strategists. Armed with the power of reliable data, agribusiness professionals can better expand their market influence and increase their ROI through these updated applications.

Now, we’ve updated them to make them more powerful, informative and easy to use. Continue reading for the full list of updates to FarmFocus, Grower Profile and FieldVision.



  • New mapping feature added to Grower and Search views
    • Includes clusterings points when zooming out and unclustering when zooming in
    • Includes stacking of multiple growers in a single point when having similar latitude/longitude
    • Includes ability to access Grower Profile directly from the map
    • Includes State/County layers
  • Updated Search feature to include Multiple Demographics
    • Defaults to existing Single Demographic
    • Allows up to five Demographics to be selected as either “OR” or “AND”
    • Results outputs one row for every qualifying grower and/or demographic combination
  • Customer Account Number now visible in Grower and Search views
  • Latitude/Longitude and Customer Account Number now included when exporting Growers
  • Fixed Headers added to State, County, and Demographic views.
  • Styling on grid views altered to reduce white space between rows
  • Styling on most pages altered to reduce white space between controls
  • Minor bug fixes


Grower Profile

  • New Dynamic/Custom Error Codes for CRM Connector (SalesForce, MS Dynamics, etc.)
    • Defaults to Generic message
    • Ability to have company specific message set up manually by Farm Market iD
  • New Focus button on Search page
  • New Flag and Account # from Focus
  • New State/County layers
  • Updated Layer Switcher to allow for turning off Grower layers
  • New Popups on State/County layers
  • Updated Grower icons to match new icons in FV
  • Minor bug fixes



  • New icons to indicate Primary Growers in radius search
    • Includes stacking of multiple growers in a single point when using shared latitude/longitude
  • New icon for Grower after clicking the View Map button
  • New Multiple Filter capabilities for both Land and Growers (eg. Crop and Acres, GFI, etc.)
    • Blue land is Highlighted, Gray land is shown but “Filtered out”
    • Green barns are Highlighted, Gray barns are shown but “Filtered out”
    • Grower popup will show a Blue button for Highlighted, and a Gray button for “Filtered out”
  • Updated to use High Accuracy Geocoding when possible
  • Added more options when adding comments into the application, including “Phone Call,” “Email” & “Meeting” – and these options can be customized by company
  • Changed Irrigated flag to “Unknown” instead of “No” when the flag is not “Yes”
  • Minor bug fixes

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