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Sell with Farmers’ Needs in Mind

Farm & grower intelligence for your boots-on-the-ground sales reps to drive
productive and helpful conversations that serve the grower’s bottom line.

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FieldVision - Agriculture Sales Prospecting Software

Agriculture Sales Prospecting at Your Fingertips

A data-powered mobile application that finds farms and farmers near you and arms your sales team with the information they need to close the deal. 

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Use location services to find the farmers and fields near you.

Whether you’re in the field talking to farmers, or in the office prepping for your next trip, use FieldVision to identify farms in an up to 1o-mile radius from your specified location.

Identify who owns and operates the farm before you start the conversation. 

Before you make first contact, know who you’re talking to and whether they’re the operator. With FieldVision, this data is available to you in just a few clicks.

Move your conversation from information-gathering to solution-providing.

Don’t waste your time and your farmers’ time saying “tell me about your farm.” Instead, learn how the operation is going so you can provide solutions and benefits to them.

Access your farm data from any device, whether in the office or the field. 

Pull up FieldVision on your desktop computer to plan your next field visit. Then, once you’re in the field, pull up the data on your phone as a refresher. Wherever you are, have that data available to you.

See detailed information about the operation, including crop mix, history and more. 

Not only do we give you immediate access to our data, but our data goes deep into the farm operation. Don’t just look at high-level insights, but get real, substantive information about the operation history and current needs.

Integrate your sales efforts with your overall business strategy.

At the end of the day, sales is the engine that moves the business along. FieldVision helps you stay aligned with your business strategy by spending your time only on high-impact activities, saving time and bringing in more revenue.

You can access FieldVision either on your mobile device or on your desktop.

Why it Works


percent of users who landed at least one new customer solely through FieldVision

percent of users’ new customers acquired through FieldVision

average annual contract from one customer acquired through FieldVision

users likely to recommend FieldVision to a colleague


“[FieldVision helps me] make a more effective presentation that’s relevant to the farming operation. The absolute best prospecting tool I’ve ever used!”

– Dave Janson, Strategic Farm Marketing


Keep the information you need about your farms and growers at your fingertips.

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