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Segment & Drill Down into Your Market

FarmFocus enables you to create finely-tuned market segments for
personalized, contextual and timely marketing and sales communications.

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FarmFocus - Targeted Agriculture Marketing Software

Launch Data-Powered, Targeted Ag Marketing Campaigns

FarmFocus is the software that helps you eliminate guesswork and build a campaign based on facts, true audience and maximum ROI by building custom audiences from over 200 farm demographics and viewing the details of each farmer.

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Build custom marketing audiences based on 200+ farm demographics. 

Every audience requires a different message. And every time you need to send a custom message, we’ll help you build that custom audience. Use FarmFocus to choose from our database demographics to make the perfect connection.

View farm operation details, including acreage, crop mix, Gross Farm Income and more.

When learning about your target market, it’s not enough to have breadth, but also depth. And that’s exactly what we provide. Gather detailed information on each operation to anticipate and respond to farmers’ needs.

See complete and accurate contact information including addresses, phone and email. 

Our database covering 94 percent of the U.S. agriculture market is compiled and validated from dozens of public and private sources. We can vouch for the fact that our data is accurate and reliable.

Get the lay of the land through maps that visualize your data. 

Farmers are intimately tied to the land they own and operate. Make sure your marketing and sales data is built to match. Use our CLU data and farm field layers to see the birds-eye view of the operation.

Match our records to yours – and integrate your data with ours.

We have our data – and you have yours. FarmFocus integrates our data with yours, so you can tag customers or integrate directly with your own CRM system.

Integrate marketing and sales efforts with your business strategy. 

Marketing should never happen in a vacuum. Use FarmFocus in conjunction with our other applications to integrate your strategy, marketing and sales in a holistic, un-siloed effort.

Find the farmers & growers in the state or states that you want to reach out to.

If you’re looking to target your data even further, filter by county or counties. 

See the types of crops that each grower farmers, and build audiences around each one. 

Separate the large farmers from the small ones – by number of acres, livestock or farm income – to further target your efforts.

Choose form our over 200 crop and livestock options, plus owner vs. operator, age, gender and more. 

Executing Campaigns with FarmFocus Data

Once you’ve built your targeted audiences in FarmFocus, here are some ways to execute against that data to market to farmers.

Email Marketing

Send customized messages to farmers right into their inboxes. Use the data to segment your email communications, then deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. (Click here to learn more about our email marketing services.)

Programmatic Ads

Follow farmers wherever they go online. Use Farm Market iD data to deliver ads to farmers when they check the weather, sports, recipes or other online activity. (Click here to learn more about our targeted programmatic ads.)

Social Media Ads

Upload FarmFocus data to Facebook to create custom audiences. Then deliver targeted messages to farmers in those segments that display in their news feed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Direct Mail

Use FarmFocus list of addresses to send mailers to farmers in certain segments. Ensure that for every dollar you invest in direct mail, you’re investing in the actual farmers who will respond to your material.

Why it Works


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“ADM Grain has had a great experience with the Farm Market iD team. We are able to better plan our work and territories as a result of having solid data to rely on as we work to serve our farmer customers and prospects at a higher level. We find the data to be very reliable. We expect to use this with our other tools and processes to improve territory management, prospecting activities, and business development.”

Powered by Grower Profile

FarmFocus lets you build targeted agri-marketing audiences, but Grower Profile lets you analyze farm operations and history.

Click here to learn more about how Grower Profile adds additional data-driven power to FarmFocus.

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Farm Market iD can give you access to targeted agri-marketing data within minutes.

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