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Farmer Lists, Farmer Leads & Beyond

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About Our Data

Data on Farmer Prospects & Customers

Our database starts with field-level insights at quarter-acre increments. We then connect that data to farm owners and operators. This gives us the most accurate, detailed, comprehensive, and current database in agriculture.

More accurate. Our database starts with our first-party attributed farm field boundaries from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). We then add additional data drawn from dozens of sources. Because of this, we are the only database connecting farm fields to owners and operators.

More records. We cover over 3 million active farmers and over 300 million planted acres. This accounts for 95+ percent of the U.S. agriculture market.

More detailed. Our field data goes down to quarter-acre increments. Whether you’re an executive, marketer or salesperson, you always have detailed insights.

More current. We update all of our records annually, and some are updated more frequently. A third party audits our data every three years.

total acres of farmland in 2019
total planted acres in 2019
total growers
total operators

Depth of our insights:

Name & address
Owned fields
Operated fields
Planted acres by crop
Crop rotation patterns by field
Gross Farm Income
Spend potential for each crop input (seed, crop protection, fertilizer)
Related Growers
Field & parcel boundaries
Remote sensing
Real estate data (mortgage, deed, tax assessor)
Irrigation identification & type
Leased equipment data
Grain points of sale in proximity to fields
On-farm grain storage count of bins
On-farm grain storage capacity
Consumer data (e.g. age, gender, purchase habits, etc.)
And much more

corn growers
soybean growers
wheat growers
vegetable growers
cotton growers
fruit growers

For more information, click here to schedule a full data demo with one of our sales team.

Farmer Mailing Lists

Our farmer mailing lists have a number of advantages over other lists, including lists derived from surveyed data.

Reporting errors. Farmer-sourced data can contain a number of errors. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to use objective data.

Scope of the operation.  Our data starts at the field level. Because we look at the land itself, we can spot duplicates that won’t show up in a survey.

Segmentation. Our database contains hundreds of demographics and goes beyond just crops and acres. It also includes consumer, real estate, geospatial, and other demographics. This allows for highly targeted, specific lists of farmers.

Integration across campaigns. By using the same data as a foundation for strategic planning, various digital and direct mail marketing campaigns, and sales follow-up, you create a consistent experience among all your growers

Farmer Email Lists

A great email campaign starts with a great list. With Farm Market iD, you will always have the most accurate and objective lists of growers in your market. If you want to invest in digital marketing campaigns, we can go a step further and deploy marketing campaigns on your behalf. Here are the main digital marketing services we offer.

Email marketing. Our targeted emails put your message directly in growers’ inboxes. You supply the creative. We send and monitor the email. Click here to learn more about our services.

Social media marketing. Many social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, allow for advertisers to match their email lists to their advertising audiences for highly focused connection. Learn more about how our lists can be used as a social media marketing tool.

Targeted digital advertising. For more integration among all available marketing channels — from email to social to Connected TV to display ads to pre-roll video and more — leverage digital programmatic advertising to ensure customized message to customized segments across all channels.

More than a Data License. It’s a Data Partnership.

We’re able to help you beyond simply providing a list of farmers and growers. In addition to our services mentioned above, we can also provide:

  • List & data management, merging, cleanup and general hygiene
  • Predictive modeling to identify farmer personas, lifetime value, likelihood to purchase, etc.
  • Market share & wallet share analysis and customer/market spend potential
  • Direct integration of data with your applications via our API
  • Integration with your CRM system
  • And much more

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