Farm Market iD launches Digital Marketing Partnership with Big Reach Network

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We have partnered with Big Reach Network to onboard our data for display and mobile marketing and provide our clients and the industry a solution to target their digital marketing with the same criteria that our clients have come to expect from us.  Now we can provide our clients a full omni-channel marketing mix and execution and take advantage of some of the benefits on online and mobile marketing without sacrificing targeting and precision.  It also provides an alternative to agri marketers who want to reach specific farmers growing specific crops or of certain sizes without having to go to traditional ag media sites where their brand/offer competes with other products/services competing for attention. Below are national counts from a few popular segments to show the extensive reach:

An obvious but important fact to note: Farmers do not spend all of their online and mobile attention on agriculture sites.  They check news, are sharing their favorite recipes, checking sports scores, reading movie reviews, etc.  Yes they are real people too.  So your online marketing goal is to get them to see your brand and receive your communication regardless of what website they are on. It could be that engagement and conversion will be higher and thus a better ROI when they are presented your brand/offer without the distractions of competing offers or in the absence of other agri marketers competing for their attention online at traditional ag media sites.

Farm Market iD is an advocate of targeted marketing.  We have long beaten the drum of the benefits and ROI of making sure you specifically target the “Right person”, with the “Right Offer” and at the “Right Time”. In fact it has been the cornerstone of our business in providing detailed information to help agri marketers and agri sales know who farms what, how much and how this has changed over time.  This has allowed our clients to achieve high impact results with their sales and communications though there has been a large gap in the marketing ,media mix around online display and mobile targeting which is increasingly becoming the primary means of marketing and communications.  We are channel agnostic but not targeting agnostic.  More targeting is ALWAYS better.

“We are extremely pleased to offer this best-in-class proprietary demographic data for our ag clients” reports Bob Schenck, president of BRN.  “Coupled with our hyper-local geo targeting to over 80,000 white-listed websites, advertisers select FMID demo segments for precise ad delivery by crop, acreage, animal species, herd size and numerous other demographic options.  With this partnership, advertisers are not limited to going to ag sites to reach farmers as the FMID data will allow more precise targeting wherever the farmer goes, helping your brand stand out from potential competitors.”

Here are some example demo segments (we have over 160 segments available) which highlight the hyper targeting that is now available from FMiD and our partner BRN.

  • Corn and/or Soybean Growers with more than 250 acres in 12 NC states
  • Dairy Farms with 100+ head in top 6 dairy states
  • All Farms with $100,000+ GFI (Gross Farm Income) within 75-mile radius of Ag Dealer/Retailer location
  • Specialty Crop growers in top 35 counties in CA and PNW states
  • Event Geo-Fence: Farmers attending Farm Progress Show using 1600-meter radius ad delivery to their mobile devices.

With these or any of the 160+ segments combined with the hyper local geo targeting you are able to execute highly targeted online campaigns to the exact audience.

We (FMiD and BRN) will be attending and meeting with current and prospective clients at NAMA in Dallas, Texas April 26-28.  Read more about our partnership from the recent press release or contact us to arrange a call or meeting for a demonstration or discussion.