Farm Market iD Announces the Release of the 2012 Crop Year Update

By | 2013-07-31T16:00:46+00:00 July 31st, 2013|News|

Westmont, IL – Farm Market iD® announced today that the Farm Market iD Database has been updated with 2012 crop year data. The update provides information on the farm owners and operators farming over 758 million planted acres representing $692 billion in gross farm income. This information is valuable to agri-marketers, market researchers, universities, and others studying farming trends, or who are interested in providing products and services to farmers.

The data covers agriculture in all fifty states from the largest in terms of planted acres, Kansas to the smallest, Rhode Island. California leads the nation in total gross farm income representing over $53 billion in agricultural output. Over thirty government programs supporting the American farmer provide data that contribute to the fact-based data in the Farm Market iD Database.

“This year the data is particularly robust due to the extraordinary number of farms receiving subsidies in 2012 due to the extreme drought,” said Damon Horst, CTO. “This year’s data shows a 2% increase in the number of growers represented and a 28.9% increase in the number of planted acres.”

“The harvest year 2012 data we have compiled into the Farm Market iD Database is exciting,” adds Hylon Kaufmann, president of Farm Market iD. “The ability to work with clients to locate new prospects, enhance their current data, and provide answers to questions regarding trends in the American agriculture markets important to them is greatly enhanced by using this new dataset of over 1.8 million individuals. Additional data elements, including over 670,000 verified emails, provide the market intelligence solutions important to marketing efforts to the American farmer,” states Kaufmann.