Farm Market iD’s Leading Agriculture Database Now Covers over 900 Million Vegetative Acres

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WESTMONT, IL – Farm Market iD, a Telematch Inc. company, today announced the release of its 2016 Annual Update of its farm and land database.

The FMiD proprietary data is the only source of farm and ranch data with a nationwide footprint containing detailed information on land, crops and grower information. In contrast to other sources of grower data it is not modeled, inferred or extrapolated. The FMiD data is fact-based, built from the bottom up starting with 1/4 acre increments and farm field boundaries. The FMiD database covers over 900 million acres of vegetation, includes more than 320 million acres of crops like corn, soy, wheat, and over 100 more, and represents 94% of the major crop-production in the US.

The FMiD database is the foundation for the data-powered solutions the company provides to leading agribusinesses. A team of highly experienced data science professionals compiles the data from a variety of public and private sources to insure maximum coverage, detail and accuracy. “Big Data and Data Science have already transformed many industries. However, given the unique nature of the Ag industry, its adoption has been rather slow. We are in the infancy of the data science adoption curve in agriculture. Companies that learn to leverage data to power decision making will excel” Rao commented.

FMiD receives many requests to utilize the data to answer a varied array of strategic questions such as:

  • How many acres, what crops and other key bits of information can I learn about my customers?
  • Who are the various decision makers for the farm?
  • How can I find a prospect for my specific service and locations?
  • Where should I locate my manufacturing or processing locations?
  • Can I identify field boundaries for precision Ag or other digital farming initiatives?
  • What is my share of market, and specifically for each customer?
  • How do I bring all of this disparate data together to get a comprehensive understanding of my customers, prospects and my market?

“Given the focus and growth in AgTech, Big Data and IoT in Agriculture, FMiD’s database can provide ag retailers, seed companies, crop protection companies, equipment manufacturers, as well as other product and service providers a competitive advantage” said CEO, Steven Rao.

Some key facts about the FMiD database

  • Contains over 184 trillion data points around farmers, fields and crops.
  • Includes linkage to various geospatial data such as soil, water, weather, yields, satellite imagery, and more. .
  • Represents more than 94% of major crop-production, and $294 billion in annual GFI, which is FMiD’s proprietary Gross Farm Income calculation.
  • Populated with more than 260 demographics from Crops, Livestock, Income, and more.

Farm Market iD’s database is compiled from more than 100 different sources. It includes many primary government sources which are then enhanced and confirmed with a variety of other consumer and business data sets. . The completed file then goes through extensive quality assurance testing. Farm Market iD has been the standard bearer for detailed, accurate, fact-based information about the U.S. agriculture market for more than 40 years. The data and services FMiD provide, including trend analyses and enhanced email marketing capabilities, are used in a wide variety of business applications, ranging from advertising, research and promotion, as well as the development of marketing intelligence and sales strategies.