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Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

Farm Management

As the average age of the farmer increases, more and more farmers are looking for help in managing their land. Use data to find those farmers and provide your services to them.

Crop Land Data Layer, Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

See farm operation trends over the past eight years. Understand the full history of each piece of farmland, what they’ve been farming, and what’s yielded results for the farmers. Use that data to find out which farms need assistance.

Identify prospects based on farm income. Find those operations that need a boost in income and may be looking for someone to help manage and increase the productivity of the land.

Build relationships based on informed advice.  Don’t waste your farmer’s time with “tell me about your farm.” Instead, learn enough about the operation – crop yield, rotation patterns, farm income, and more – to be able to offer sound advice and build a trusted relationship with the farmer.

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What We Recommend

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD

Find Your Audience

Build a list of farmers and growers based on Gross Farm Income and over 200 demographics into FarmFocus and license the application for your marketing team.

Analyze the Operation

Use our Grower Profile application to see the details of a farm operation and predict their upcoming management needs.

Bring Data into the Field

Take your data into the field when you’re talking to farmers with FieldVision.

Get Started

How does it all work?

Build & filter with FarmFocus.

Use information on the farm operation – over 200 available demographics – to build a list of growers that we’ll load into our FarmFocus application. Then, license the software for all your marketing team so they can access the lists at anytime.

Watch the video to get an idea of how FarmFocus works.

Analyze the farm operation.

Our Grower Profile application will show you the full contact information, crop rotation history, a map and satellite imagery of the farm operation, related growers, and your own custom notes and comments.

Learn about the operation before you even have that first conversation.

Empower sales to followup through FieldVision.

With FieldVision, you can enable each sales rep to see the full details of the operation while in the office or the field. See map, crop, satellite imagery, flood or drought outlook layers.

Watch the video to learn more about FieldVision.

Farm Market iD - Crop Rotation Data

Talk to our team and let’s get started.