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Farm Equipment Connected to Growers

Get detailed insights on farm equipment connected to farmers for marketing & sales segmentation.

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About Our Data
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Objectively sourced.

We gather this Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) data from all 50 state secretaries of state.

Connected to growers.

We provide both detailed farm equipment data & insights on the grower.

Customized access.

Annual license, digital marketing, or API: you get the data the way that best serves your organization.








The Depth of Our Insights

We’ve integrated this data with our broader database to provide a full view of both the farmer’s operation, and their equipment.

Details attached to each piece of equipment include:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial number
  • UCC number & status
  • Estimated value and size

We’ve integrated this data with our broader database of over 3 million farmers to provide a full view of both the farmer’s operation, and their equipment.

Contact information. Detailed contact information for the growers associated with equipment, including name, address, phone (landline & mobile) and email address.

Farm operation details. Gain the full picture of the operation both currently and historically with crop acres & rotation, farm field boundaries, on-farm grain storage, irrigation, gross farm income and much more.

Farmer demographics and other data. Personal information on the grower includes consumer demographics, real estate data, and related growers.

Buyer personas. Leverage our original buyer personas to understand each farmer’s decisioning and behaviors (e.g. AgTech Leader, Brand Loyalist, Frugal Farmer, etc.).

Custom Delivery for Your Business Needs

Annual license & list rental. Build your prospect lists based on your specific equipment segments.

Direct mail. Deploy mailing campaigns — including buy-back, trade-in, or lease expiration offers — with customized messaging to the growers with certain pieces of equipment.

Email marketing. Connect directly with a grower and deliver a customized message right to their inbox.

Digital programmatic advertising. Target your online ad buys and deliver your message based on specific Make, Model, and more. Programmatic advertising leverages automated ad placement across hundreds of websites.

API & CRM integrations. Pull our data directly into your applications through an automated integration system that provides access to only the data you need, when you need it.

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