What other companies have CLU data and how is it different than what we have?

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Farm Market iD sued the USDA in 2005 disputing the denial of fully attributed CLU data. We maintained that this was required to be released in order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The U.S. Circuit Court disagreed and sided with the USDA.
Farm Market iD appealed the decision in early 2008. The appellate court ruled in favor of Farm Market iD. The courts agreed that the public’s rights to transparency regarding government programs took precedence over a participant’s privacy rights in these voluntary programs.
The data was then immediately released per Farm Market iD’s pending FOIA requests. This provided us with a full nationwide footprint of approximately 34 million CLU boundaries representing over 800 million acres of ground cover. Additionally, the received dataset linked individuals and entities to that land that they own and operate.
Approximately 10 weeks after this release, Section 16.19 of the 2008 Farm Bill prohibited and made it unlawful to release this information again excepting very specific circumstances. Farm Market iD has since maintained this database to account for movement of people and land relationships.
The major difference between Farm Market iD CLUs and those from other sources is that our CLUs are fully attributed, thus linking the land to the people who farm it. Those available in the market are unattributed, meaning they only contain the outlines of the fields but have no ability to connect to operators and owners.