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Corn Grower Data, Ethanol Leads

Corn Grower Data for Ethanol Companies

Looking for corn growers? We have the corn grower data you need to analyze your market, identify the growers that’ll give you maximum profitability and edge out your competition.

Crop Land Data Layer, Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

Identify growers based on corn or corn/soy mix. Our data stretches back eight years to provide you with a detail history of each farm’s operation. Identify the farm operations by corn or corn/soy rotation, learn their rotation practices and target the farms that have yielded significant acreage in the past.

Increase your profitability through targeted communications. Don’t waste time talking to farmers who don’t have corn in the ground this season. Instead, spend your efforts by only reaching out to those growers who are going to be a good potential supplier for your ethanol needs.

Prospect in office and in the field.  In a highly competitive market, sales prospecting is no longer optional. With our data, you can continually prospect in the office or in the field, with a minimal time investment to find a new customer.

Edge out your competition.  Bottom line: our data can help you edge out your competition. Use our applications to power your prospecting engine so you can grow your business amidst an unstable and shrinking market for corn.

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What We Recommend


Use our market share analysis services to find out how much of the market you currently own, and how much you can take away from competitors.

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD


Build a list of corn and corn/soy growers in FarmFocus and license the application for your marketing team.


Equip salespeople with FieldVision to identify opportunities while their in the office (desktop) or in the field meeting with the farmers (mobile).

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How does it all work?

Analyze market share and growth opportunities.

How much of the corn market do you currently have? And how much do your competitors, in the aggregate, have? Our market share analysis services can help you figure that out.

Then, you can identify who you need to target to power your marketing and sales initiatives.

Build & filter with FarmFocus.

Use our crop data to build a list of corn and corn/soy growers that we’ll load into our FarmFocus application. Then, license the software for all your marketing team so they can access the lists, crop rotation history, crop yield data and more at anytime.

Watch the video to get an idea of how FarmFocus works.

Never stop prospecting.

With FieldVision, your team never has to stop prospecting. Find farmers near your current location, whether you’re in the office, on a trip, at a trade show or talking to a farmer.

Watch the video to learn more about FieldVision.

Farm Market iD - Crop Rotation Data

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