Difference Between Email CRM and Email CAM

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Sending email vs. inboxing email

We all understand the fundamental difference between our relationship with customers (CRM) and our relationship with prospects (CAM).  We do not market to them the same way, nor should we.  Email marketing and communications technology (ESPs and Marketing Automation) is not new and is a routine method for a company to communicate with customers and markets.  The Email Marketplace contains plenty of tools to help companies with cadence and consistency, as well as message integration to ensure messages are positively received.  These marketing automation tools still allow companies to personalize messages on specific customer preferences or interactions.  For example, if a prospect has not visited a company’s store, they may be sent a “We miss you” communication, whereas if a customer just placed their 100th order, they may be sent a “Thanks for your loyalty and welcome to the 100 Club” email.  Personalization is not limited to the first contact either.  If a prospect opens an email, but does not click, you may send a different follow-up email than to those that clicked.

There is no disputing the Return on Investment (ROI) of email marketing.  Marketing Sherpa has the most comprehensive survey of email marketing and it shows that 92% of companies are getting or will get a positive ROI.

Email produces ROI, which is affecting budgets

Which statement best describes your organization’s perception of email marketing’s ROI at budget time?

Email marketing does not begin and end with clicking the “Send” button.  Marketers need to separate CRM (customer relationship marketing) email marketing from CAM (customer acquisition marketing) and have different strategies for each.  CRM email marketing is quite effective. MailChimp shows that the agriculture sector enjoys one of the highest open rates at ~ 25%.

So the “Key Takeaway” here is:

  • Use Marketing Automation and
  • Get more email addresses (contact us to improve your email address database by 100%+)

Customer Acquisition Marketing by email can be a great source of new revenue.  And, with the agriculture market’s slashed budgets and eroding profitability, perhaps the most cost effective means to secure new customers.

With that being said… DON’T DO IT!

At least don’t do it by yourself.  All of these great marketing automation tools (ExactTarget, Silverpop, MailChimp, Marketo, etc.) prohibit using their platforms for pure customer acquisition or any unsolicited email.  They do this for many reasons: the required level of sophistication to throttle your email send rate is high, and the ability to microscopically plan, monitor and analyze the campaign and utilize great expertise during the pre-deployment phase is necessary to ensure your email is optimized for Inboxing and engagement.  Getting acquisition emails into your prospect’s Inbox is difficult.  In order to protect their customers from unwanted email, ISPs are heavily invested in and very sophisticated at keeping you out of the Inbox.   And if your message does not reach the Inbox, it will not be read.

Engaging a partner with expertise is necessary.  This partner will help you make sure the message content is SPAM friendly and renders correctly on various devices and platforms.  They will also validate the emails prior to delivery and ensure that testing and analysis happens prior to and during the campaign.  Also, you should never send acquisition email over your company URL/domains as it will negatively impact your customer email deliverability.

The “Key Takeaway” here is:

  • Don’t try to do email customer acquisition by yourself
  • Make sure you find a provider that understands how to get acquisition email into the Inbox to maximize ROI
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