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Keep your database clean, complete and up to date.

With our agriculture data management services, we can make sure your database is complete and correct for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Enhance Your Data

Email Append. We can append validated email addresses to your customer or prospect records. Because we match and append at both the individual level and household level we are able to append more email addresses to your file – in the 35-45 percent range. Once we append, you own the data – you can email them as much as you want.

Reverse Email Append. We can also append in reverse. If you provide email addresses, we can find and append name, address, phone, farm and consumer demographics.

Phone Number Append. We can append one or more telephone numbers for individuals or households. We use 411/directory assistance data from telephone carriers to insure high quality.

Mobile Phone Append. People are increasingly use their mobile phones as their primary source of communication, but you may not have that information in your database. We can help and typically can append 20-35 percent of records with a mobile phone number.

Grower Demographic Append. If you provide us a list of your customers or prospects, our agriculture data management team will match it against the Farm Market iD database and enhance your records with fresh, up-to-date data points, including crops, acres, gross farm income and much more.

Consumer Demographic Append. Whether you need to find out a given person’s age, education level, brand of truck they drive or more, we can append data from nearly 200 demographics to your file so you can have as much detail as possible.

Field Boundary Append. Using our proprietary field boundary data (over 300 million crop acres covered), we can take your customers and provide you with the geospatial field boundaries for your mapping, agronomy or farm management software.

Real Estate Append. If you are interested in knowing the tax assess value of the farm, improvements, what they paid for the land or information about mortgages and loans, we can enhance your files with a variety of real estate information from public land records and tax assessor’s office data.

Clean Up Your Data

National Change of Address. As your customers and prospects change addresses, we can help ensure your database stays current. By matching your records against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file, we can make sure that if your customers move, you’ll know where to find them.

Proprietary Change of Address. NCOA covers only 50 percent of the U.S. population – simply because many people don’t report their change to the post office. This is where Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) can pick up the slack. We pull data from private sources to help you find the rest of those missing addresses.

Email Validation. Email databases decay at a surprising rate of 25 percent per year. So if you haven’t validated your emails in over a year, then chances are only 75 percent of your emails are reliable. That’s why with every email append we do we also validate the email addresses, and we offer email validation as an independent service as well.

De-Duplication. We’ll merge duplicate records and purge all information that’s no longer accurate, making sure that there’s one record for each person or company.

Deceased Processing. Sad to say, but its important to know when your customers are deceased so you can ensure the continuity of your customer relationship.

Why is agriculture data management important to you?

Communicate More

Reach current customers at a lower cost than an acquisition direct mail or print ad campaign.

Engage Less Active

Use new channels to share information more directly with inactive customers.

Increase Sales from Your Database

Spend less on prospecting by cross-selling and upselling your current database.

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