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Custom Data Solutions

Use your instinct and intuition only in the absence of data. Let us design and deliver custom ag data solutions that answer your business questions.

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Market Share Analysis

The U.S Agriculture is a zero-sum game. That means that it’s critical to understand market share to grow revenues and increase competitiveness.

Where traditionally market share is limited to charts showing a 50,000 foot view, we can give you the data and insights to increase your share by identifying your current customers and prospects that have business that you are not getting.  Farm Market iD’s detailed field level detail allows agribusiness to calculate market share at a detailed level and customized to their business hierarchy.

We can even drill down farther to understand share of your customer’s wallet.  Our work here typically provides detail for our clients to pinpoint opportunities for share improvement by geographies, business hierarchy, crops, customers/prospects and even within seed/fertilizer/chemicals.

Improving your market share starts with understanding the share you are not getting in an actionable way.

Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial data, such as field boundaries, soil maps, weather, and satellite imagery, isn’t just for farmers. Agribusiness professionals can use it to better understand their farmers and their markets.

Farm Market iD’s field level coverage of farme’s, field and crops allow us to develop custom analyses for our clients which support their business strategy.

Here are some of the geospatial intelligence services we provide:

  • Evaluate your distribution channel against the location of growers and fields served
  • Analyze and assess addressable market and market share around your specific locations
  • Enables precise location queries, like how many acres are within a certain distance from a given location?
  • Heat maps showing concentrations of growers, acres or Visualization of agricultural data to see how many prospects are in a given area
  • Understanding soil types with an overlay of associated crop productivity

API & Web Services

Looking to improve your applications with Big Data power without the hassle of acquiring and managing the data upfront? Problem solved.

We offer access into our world class database via REST interfaces. These interfaces allow you to access to all of Farm Market iD datapoints, and can even be customized to meet your specific needs.

Here are some examples:

Match individuals in your contact database with Farm Market iD’s demographic profile. This could consist of name, address, phone, email, crop history, associated land, land crop rotation, related growers and more.

Instantly map your customers’ fields using our proprietary Common Land Unit (CLU) boundaries in a single click.

Input an online query of what’s near a given point, including geospatial land polygons, crops, land details, growers and more.

Strategic Analysis

Your strategic questions can be answered analytically and objectively with data.

Let us help you analyze and prove out business strategies and provide actionable data to go execute your strategy. Given the depth, breadth and historical trending of our data there are not many strategic questions in agribusiness that we cannot help solve unless of course we don’t know about them.

Our team has deep backgrounds in data science and serving a variety of industries. Come to us with a question and see if we have a data-driven approach to answering it and helping you achieve strategic success.

Strategies often fail because of bad strategy or bad execution. We can help with both.

Other Solutions

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