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Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

Crop Input Data

If you’re a company that sells crop inputs, our data is especially suited to help you. We have the best crop input data and farmers’ planting data to help you make decisions on who to target in the upcoming planting season.

Crop Land Data Layer, Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

See each farm’s crop input data for the past eight years. Understand the full history of each piece of farmland, what they’ve been farming, and what’s yielded results for the farmers. Use that data to gain an understanding of what they’re looking to plant this year.

Identify prospective growers based on farm income. Know exactly whether a farmer is a good fit for your seed based on how much income they bring in each year. Predict how much they’re willing to pay on a given crop input, and come to them with an offer that’s tailored to them.

Prospect in office and in the field.  Sales prospecting is not as common a practice in the ag industry as it is among other sales professions. But with our crop input data, your salespeople will always have the ability to find new potential customers whether they’re in the office planning out their monthly goals, or in the field wanting to take advantage of an opportunity that arises.

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What We Recommend

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD


Build a list of farmers and growers based on Gross Farm Income, crop input data and over 200 demographics into FarmFocus and license the application for your marketing team.


Deploy email campaigns in tandem with programmatic ads to target your financial products to your tailored audience.


Equip salespeople with FieldVision to identify opportunities near their branch locations.

Get Started

How does it all work?

Build & filter with FarmFocus.

Use our crop data – over 200 available demographics – to build a list of growers that we’ll load into our FarmFocus application. Then, license the software for all your marketing team so they can access the lists at anytime.

Watch the video to get an idea of how FarmFocus works.

Deploy targeted ads & email campaigns.

Once you’ve built your target audience based on crop data, then it’s time to start executing marketing campaigns. Use programmatic ads to deliver your content directly to the farmers you want to reach, wherever they go online. Then followup with prospecting emails that go to the same audience.

We want to help you deliver your ads to the audience who you’ve determined is the most likely to respond.

Empower sales to followup through FieldVision.

Once you’ve engaged your target market through ads and emails, then it’s time for sales to follow up. With FieldVision, you can enable each sales rep to find customers near their branch location so they can contact the farmers near them. Plus, they can continue to prospect whether they’re in the office or in the field.

Watch the video to learn more about FieldVision.

Farm Market iD - Crop Rotation Data

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