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CRM Connector

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD

Don’t waste time loading thousands of records into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. Instead, use CRM Connector to do the following:

  • Seamlessly integrate our data with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or the CRM of your choosing
  • Leverage your existing CRM investment and functionality to access grower insights
  • View farm history, related growers, maps and all our data with just a click
  • Setup the integration within a day
  • Update your data in the background as we update ours – you always stay up to date

Why use a CRM?

CRM Connector

Nearly all modern business use a CRM and CRM data to store and manage customer records. But why should you start using one?

If not, you’ll miss, lose, and forget loads of data concerning your ag customers and their interests, activities, and habits. Using a CRM means that you are going to modernize alongside your sophisticated ag clients, building a leading-edge strategy to better communicate and know your customers.

Using a CRM in your sales efforts is a long-term, data-driven strategy that’ll help you know who’s interested in a particular offer at a particular time. It’ll help you keep your marketing strategy customer-focused – which reaps incredible rewards.

A CRM is also easy to scale – whether you have a hundred customers or a million, your database will be there to back you up. It also gives you functionality that other forms of marketing don’t. When you’re working with a database, analytics and campaign reports are just a click away.

Here are some tips to help ensure your success:

Locate and consolidate your data. You may have customer records across various spreadsheets and systems – but a CRM will help you pull all that data together in one place. Check individual contracts, transaction histories, solicitation histories, lead generation forms, promotion histories, and anywhere else you may find customer data.

Keep your data clean. Once you’ve put this information in your CRM, clean up your data to keep it error-free. Prospects not only change email addresses and phone numbers, but also the crops they’re producing and the land they’re managing. 75 percent of companies waste an average of 14 percent of revenue on bad data. Keeping your data clean means more dollars for you in the end.

Fill in the gaps. Once your database is organized, start finding people to contact. For example, if you’re wondering which of your customers operate a farm in an area that’s currently experiencing a drought, you can use your database to find out. Of course, you may not have everything you need just from customer records. That’s where data appending and enhancement comes in. There are a variety of ways to use data append to create more robust information and, ultimately, drive a more customized and data-driven marketing effort.

Share data with everyone on your team, and even across teams. Your data may all be in one place, but it’s just going to sit there collecting dust if no one uses it. The beauty of a CRM is that everyone in your company – from your marketing team to your sales reps and customer service reps – can have access to the data and see each customer’s history. Take advantage of that and get everyone on the team in the CRM, regularly looking at the data.

Get to know your customers. CRMs let you host a wide variety of data – from contact information to social media accounts to family relationships to website activity and more. If you have comprehensive data on your customers and prospects (which Farm Market iD can provide), then you can get to know them a little bit before reaching out – and when you do reach out, you can provide a personalized point of contact rather than a stock cold call.

Meet your customers where they are. As your customers and their needs modernize, join them. Revamping your strategies and tools around customer relation management to incorporate robust, actionable information is a great way to ensure you’re reaching out to the best prospects at the most optimal times.

Contact our team today to set up CRM Connector.