The 2017 Survey Results are In!

At the end of 2017, we surveyed our current users of Farm Focus and FieldVision for feedback and to see the real-life effectivenes of the applications. The results, as you can see, are better than we could hope for: To see the latest version of the applications, watch the videos below:   Farm Focus Click here to schedule a demo.   FieldVision Click here to schedule a demo.

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FMiD Caps Off 2017 with Detailed Product Updates

Are you a current customer? Click here to see our product updates now.  2017 may be nearing a close, but that doesn’t mean that the Farm Market iD team is slowing down. In fact, just the opposite: we’re finishing the year strong with some extensive product updates that are expanding the scope and effectiveness of all our data-powered applications. We created these applications as a way to take our millions of farm and grower records, and make them more accessible to agri-marketers, sales reps and strategists. Armed with the power of reliable data, agribusiness professionals can better expand their market influence and increase their ROI through these updated applications. Now, we’ve updated them to make them more powerful, informative and easy to use. Continue reading for the full list of updates to FarmFocus, Grower Profile and FieldVision.   FarmFocus New [...]

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Marketing Less and Expecting More.

This sounds counter intuitive, but follow the math to follow the money.   I often use an expression to trust your instincts and intuition ONLY in the absence of data, and this is a good example. Let’s say that you are a company that manufactures or sells a slow-release nitrogen.  You could, of course, spend millions of dollars blanketing TV, radio, direct mail, online, farm shows, etc.  You could attempt to put your brand and message in front of the ~2 million farmers farming over 300 million acres in the U.S.  Given that broad market, you would need to limit your frequency or number of touches/impressions to these 2 million farmers or would run up an extremely large bill for your marketing.   Now perhaps you dissected the target market a bit.  Perhaps you have field trials showing that your [...]

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Read this article, and in 3 minutes you will understand email marketing

Email Marketing is a well-known, tried and proven method of communicating with customers, prospects, and the market, in general.  In fact, it is the cornerstone of many of the highly successful marketing automation platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, Exact Target, etc. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.   According to a McKinsey & Co study, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.  The chart below highlights the impact and ROI of email marketing versus other channels. […]

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Myth Busters : How Farm Market iD’s data is different from the “other” guys.

I regularly get the question of how our data is different from other providers of Farm and Farmer data.  As a CEO, I have always held firmly to the principle of not denigrating the competition and focus on selling our capabilities rather than disparaging the capabilities of others.  As a company, we are very transparent on how we produce our data and services and are our own best critics.  In fact, I welcome the debate and competition as this industry needs more data, data providers, data scientists, and folks that are passionate about how data can revolutionize this industry. I also hear over and over from customers that in conversations with other providers of farm and farmer data that “we have everything that Farm Market iD has.” So, I want to go on the record and describe the differences and [...]

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Farm Market iD launches Digital Marketing Partnership with Big Reach Network

We have partnered with Big Reach Network to onboard our data for display and mobile marketing and provide our clients and the industry a solution to target their digital marketing with the same criteria that our clients have come to expect from us.  Now we can provide our clients a full omni-channel marketing mix and execution and take advantage of some of the benefits on online and mobile marketing without sacrificing targeting and precision.  It also provides an alternative to agri marketers who want to reach specific farmers growing specific crops or of certain sizes without having to go to traditional ag media sites where their brand/offer competes with other products/services competing for attention. Below are national counts from a few popular segments to show the extensive reach: An obvious but important fact to note: Farmers do not spend all [...]

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Location, Location, Location (It’s all in the way that you slice it.)

Over the last couple of months, Farm Market iD has announced two new product launches (Field Vision and Farm Focus with Grower Profile).  These products incorporate FMiD’s proprietary geospatial data to help agri business understand the relationships of farms to farmers and the importance of “Location”.  These applications bring Farm Market iD’s geo-spatial capabilities to the forefront, allowing clients to view farms and land (i.e. location) on a map, along with the grower’s address, i.e. location or the locations of individual sales reps, processing facilities, warehouses or retail centers. We recently conducted an analysis from the FMiD national database and found that more than half (54%) of farmers farming 500+ acres are farming some acreage that is more than 10 miles away from where they reside, and thus would require them to travel to the farm. 500+ planted 5 miles:  [...]

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Farm Market iD Launches Ag Sales and Marketing Enablement Application

FarmFocus with Grower Profile Westmont, IL (AgPR) April 19, 2017 — Following Farm Market iD’s February 2017 introduction of FieldVision, its powerful mobile data-delivery platform, the company announced today its newest online product release:  FarmFocus with Grower Profile. Steve Rao, CEO, said, “We are very excited about the new FarmFocus with Grower Profile launch.  This is a product release that has been carefully developed in consultation with our leading ag clients.  It was designed to highlight sales and marketing opportunities from the vast amount of FMiD data to make it obvious and actionable.  It provides agri-marketing teams, business intelligence groups and sales organizations the power to find farms and farmers, analyze their entire operation and have the current contact information for the farmers, all with a few simple key strokes.”  FarmFocus, the leading online resource for grower and cropland data [...]

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Big Reach Network (BRN) has signed an exclusive agreement with Farm Market iD (FMID) for the execution of targeted digital advertising campaigns that leverage FMID's leading database of detailed crop and livestock data. Over 1.8 million producer records, with 160 demo codes and 1.2 million email addresses will be continuously matched to current online data for agri-marketers' advertising to farmers' desktop, tablet and mobile devices across the Web. "We are extremely pleased to offer this best-in-class proprietary demographic data for our ag clients" reports Bob Schenck, president of BRN. "Coupled with our hyper-local geo targeting to over 80,000 white-listed websites, advertisers select FMID demo segments for precise ad delivery by crop, acreage, animal species, herd size and numerous other demographic options. With this partnership, advertisers are not limited to going to ag sites to reach customers as the FMID data [...]

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