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The business case for Farm Market iD

We’re committed to helping agribusinesses grow and expand their markets. And we have the business case to prove it.

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What’s the impact on your business?

average size of a new deal that comes through one of our data-powered applications

We turn data into customers

When you use Farm Market iD’s data, you not only get the best insights in the industry, but time and time again our customers have turned those insights into revenue. Our data can give you high-level overviews and granular details that can help you analyze the market, build targeted marketing audience and close sales.

of customers’ new business is aided and influenced by our data
of customers’ new business is discovered by our data

We help agribusinesses grow and expand

The ag industry is a zero-sum game – simply due to a limited amount of farmland and a stagnant number of planted acres year over year. That means that if your business is going to grow, it means taking market share away from competitors.

And make no mistake, your competitors are doing the same thing to you. So growth isn’t just something nice to have – it’s critical to agribusiness survival.

Fortunately, we stake our reputation on helping agribusinesses grow. Our data consistently helps customers identify new prospects, gather insights about the prospects they have and help them further understand their current customers.

If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help you.

What do our customers think?

“Farm Market iD’s range of available lists and their high-quality sample has made them an ideal partner. Unfortunately, in this industry vendors are often all too willing to allow inaccurate and outdated information to remain in their databases because it pads their total number of contacts. We have never found this to the case with Farm Market iD…on all assignments, Farm Market iD has come through for us.”

Farm Credit Bank of Texas

“Now entering our eighth year with Farm Market iD, we are very pleased with how their grower data combined with the FarmFocus tool have made a significant impact in the growth of our portfolios. We have not found another source that provides this type of solution, delivering the much desired results.”


“ADM Grain has had a great experience with the Farm Market iD team. We are able to better plan our work and territories as a result of having solid data to rely on as we work to serve our farmer customers and prospects at a higher level. We find the data to be very reliable. We expect to use this with our other tools and processes to improve territory management, prospecting activities, and business development.”

How do we compare to the competition?

Our competitors use primarily data collected from self-selected respondents. Here are some of the reasons such data is not nearly as accurate:

  • The data is subjectively collected.
  • Farmers often under-report to stay under the radar.
  • Farmers often over-report to qualify for certain incentives.
  • Surveys can’t account for overlapping acres or distinction between land owned versus land operated.
  • The coverage only includes self-selected respondents – a small percentage of the farmers available.
Farm Market iD Competitors
Number of Active contact records in database Over 2,500,000 Less than 350,0001
Percentage of database updated annually 100% 46%
Can distinguish between where the Farmer lives and Farms
Updates records through objective sources
Cross-references multiple sources, both public and private
Collects data through surveys x
Contains field boundaries for over 310 million acres of crops
Contains grower contact information
Contains related grower information
Contains 95%+ coverage of crops in the U.S.
Contains crop rotation data
Contains over 200 farm demographics to create highly targeted audiences

1They may claim more… like 2 million.. but buyer beware this is 2008 USDA data as the USDA no longer provides crop, acreage and producer information through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA requests)

Farm Market iD

We can achieve these results for you.

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