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Big Reach Network (BRN) has signed an exclusive agreement with Farm Market iD (FMID) for the execution of targeted digital advertising campaigns that leverage FMID’s leading database of detailed crop and livestock data. Over 1.8 million producer records, with 160 demo codes and 1.2 million email addresses will be continuously matched to current online data for agri-marketers’ advertising to farmers’ desktop, tablet and mobile devices across the Web.

“We are extremely pleased to offer this best-in-class proprietary demographic data for our ag clients” reports Bob Schenck, president of BRN. “Coupled with our hyper-local geo targeting to over 80,000 white-listed websites, advertisers select FMID demo segments for precise ad delivery by crop, acreage, animal species, herd size and numerous other demographic options. With this partnership, advertisers are not limited to going to ag sites to reach customers as the FMID data will allow more precise targeting wherever the farmer travels online – helping your brand stand out from potential competitors.”

Steve Rao, CEO of Farm Market iD, sees additional value in the partnership. “With the BRN technology platform and partnership, we can extend the reach of ag clients now to include online and mobile destinations with the same highly accurate, targeted and detailed data that Farm Market iD has been providing for years. Clients can fully integrate online and offline in their marketing and communication strategies to maximize efficacy and ROI. We are excited to join forces with Big Reach Network.”

Source: Big Reach Network news release

About Big Reach Network:
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Big Reach Network brings advertisers an opportunity to reach millions of potential customers easily, efficiently and effectively across a multitude of media channels.  BRN Digital focuses exclusively on agriculture to deliver display and video advertising to crop growers and livestock producers across the Web beyond agricultural sites. Advertisers select their geo/demo targets, provide ad material or third party ad tags, and have 100% transparency with online dashboard access for in-campaign optimization and analytic reports.

About Farm Market iD: 
Headquartered just outside of Chicago in Westmont IL, Farm Market iD’s database is compiled from more than 100 different sources. It includes many primary government sources which are then enhanced and confirmed with a variety of other consumer and business data sets. The completed file then goes through extensive quality assurance testing. Farm Market iD has been the standard bearer for detailed, accurate, fact-based information about the U.S. agriculture market for more than 40 years. The data and services FMID provides, including trend analyses and enhanced email marketing capabilities, are used in a wide variety of business applications ranging from advertising, research and promotion, as well as the development of marketing intelligence and sales strategies.