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Farm Market iD Launches Ag Sales and Marketing Enablement Application

FarmFocus with Grower Profile Following Farm Market iD’s February 2017 introduction of FieldVision, its powerful mobile data-delivery platform, the company announced today its newest online product release. FarmFocus with Grower Profile. Steve Rao, CEO, said, “We are very excited about the new FarmFocus with Grower Profile launch. This is a product release that has been carefully developed in consultation with our leading ag clients. It was designed to highlight sales and marketing opportunities from the vast amount of FMID data to make it obvious and actionable. It provides agri-marketing teams, business intelligence groups and sales organizations the power to find farms and farmers, analyze their entire operation and have the current contact information for the farmers, all with a few simple key strokes.” FarmFocus, the leading online resource for grower and cropland data for a number of years,* has been [...]

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Show me the Money?

We are doing some interesting work here at Farm Market iD to assist our clients in growing their revenues.  Back in the good ol’ days we focused exclusively on providing mailing lists and data installs.  We then added email marketing to the mix. Next, we added overall data management and database marketing services.  Now we are focused on applied market and customer wallet share analysis.  This article talks about linking Strategy to Tactics or Market Share to Sales.  Market share analysis is not new in Agriculture and is commonly calculated and analyzed by most of the large manufacturers, trait providers, retailers and equipment companies.  This is work is generally focus on high-level calculations and using total market numbers provided by USDA.  This is helpful to provide directional analysis and looks great on a PowerPoint but we are addressing the 2 [...]

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Farm Market iD Launches New Data Delivery Tool

Visual Mapping Platform “Sees” Farm Fields, Grower Detail and More Westmont, IL.  February 27, 2017 Chicago-area based Farm Market iD, the leading US farm data provider, today announced the release of its FieldVision mobile data delivery platform. FieldVision is a powerful tool for any agribusiness that has a field sales staff, advisors, consultants, and others who have a need to know the details about growers and their cropland.  The new tool provides location-based intelligence to help users identify growers, crops, acres and field locations within a farm enterprise, and be able to do it “on the fly.” The GPS on mobile devices allows any user to quickly and easily learn about farm fields and farmers around their current location.  Since FieldVision sits on top of FMiD’s massive database of over 200 trillion data points, it provides actionable and localized information [...]

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Marketing in a Down Economy

We are, most certainly, in a down ag market driven as a result of low commodity prices. We are in year 3 of this down market which is driven by a worldwide grain supply glut and a strong US dollar, which are putting pressure on export prices. The typical reaction from business is to cut spending, which is understandable and arguably advisable. Unfortunately, these spending cuts are top-down and blunt in implementation. Marketing is often the hardest hit in these tough economic times as it is viewed as more discretionary. Honestly, all expenditures are discretionary but some are “easier” to make. Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) are investments in generating sales. Sales are the business’s lifeblood and sales are not “discretionary”. How a business chooses to invest in sales generation is discretionary, but the decision around where to [...]

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Difference Between Email CRM and Email CAM

Sending email vs. inboxing email We all understand the fundamental difference between our relationship with customers (CRM) and our relationship with prospects (CAM).  We do not market to them the same way, nor should we.  Email marketing and communications technology (ESPs and Marketing Automation) is not new and is a routine method for a company to communicate with customers and markets.  The Email Marketplace contains plenty of tools to help companies with cadence and consistency, as well as message integration to ensure messages are positively received.  These marketing automation tools still allow companies to personalize messages on specific customer preferences or interactions.  For example, if a prospect has not visited a company’s store, they may be sent a “We miss you” communication, whereas if a customer just placed their 100th order, they may be sent a “Thanks for your loyalty [...]

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Getting the Data You Need When You Need It

Featuring FMiD's CRM Connectors “Everything has a meaning or nothing has.  To put it another way, one could say that art is without noise.” - Roland Barthes The promise of Big Data has been the possibility to aggregate and analyze all the data that your company creates, thus enabling you to make better, smarter decisions in real-time.  That promise is still a worthwhile pursuit, but several disconnects exist that preclude this promise from becoming fulfilled.  As most companies do not have a staff of data scientists or decades of experience in building, managing and applying large complex databases, they often stumble or fall flat on their face when trying to answer the key business questions or illuminate important insights. Some typical obstacles encountered include: The person that needs the data does not have access The data is not in a [...]

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Farm Market iD’s Leading Agriculture Database Now Covers over 900 Million Vegetative Acres

WESTMONT, IL – Farm Market iD, a Telematch Inc. company, today announced the release of its 2016 Annual Update of its farm and land database. The FMiD proprietary data is the only source of farm and ranch data with a nationwide footprint containing detailed information on land, crops and grower information. In contrast to other sources of grower data it is not modeled, inferred or extrapolated. The FMiD data is fact-based, built from the bottom up starting with 1/4 acre increments and farm field boundaries. The FMiD database covers over 900 million acres of vegetation, includes more than 320 million acres of crops like corn, soy, wheat, and over 100 more, and represents 94% of the major crop-production in the US. The FMiD database is the foundation for the data-powered solutions the company provides to leading agribusinesses. A team of [...]

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John Montandon to join as a strategic advisor with Farm Market iD

Westmont, IL - Farm Market iD (FMiD) announced today that John Montandon, former owner and founding partner of FMiD, has agreed to rejoin the company as an advisor to CEO, Steve Rao, the FMiD management team and the company’s Board of Directors. John joins the company at a key stage as the company spun out after a successful exit of its sister company. The company is developing strategy to aggressively expand its product and service offerings that leverage its proprietary database providing detail information on 92% of farm production in the U.S., including deep detail on the grower and the farm fields. “John brings a wealth of farm and related data knowledge to Farm Market iD. I’m personally looking forward to his contributions and leadership as we move rapidly toward expanding our data and data solutions products.” said Steve Rao. [...]

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The Value of Targeted Ad Serving (Digital Display) to the right audience at the right time

In the world of Agri-brand advertising the options in the offline world are well known, proven, wide and varied. From direct mail, to print publications, to radio and television, and outdoor display.  Agri-brands have moved the same messaging and communications to their analogous forms online: Direct Mail → Email Print Publications → Display Advertising on online publications Terrestrial Radio → Digital and Satellite radio Television → Digital display advertising,addressable TV, online video ads Outdoor Display → Digital display advertising Now, smart brands are using these online channels more effectively powered by a wealth of offline data to more acutely target and personalize your message.  Brands can go from “Buy my product, isn’t it awesome” to “Our product has been proven to help CORN growers in ILLINOIS overcome and prospect during DROUGHT conditions”.  With FMID data to enhance your online targeting [...]

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Farm Market iD releases Harvest Year 2014 farm and land database including new targeting capabilities

Westmont, Ill – Farm Market iD today announced the release of its updated farm and land database, which now covers Harvest Year 2014. With this update, FMiD’s proprietary fact-based (not survey or modeled) database now contains detailed information on over 402 million planted production acres comprised from over 24 million geospatial land units.  The land and production detail is connected to over 1.9 million active individuals farming over 1.4 million farms generating $197 billion in gross farm income in the Harvest Year 2014.   Key highlights of this year’s update: Expanded geospatial capabilities providing aggregated data for watershed boundaries at the HUC8 (Hydrologic Unit Code) level FMiD unique land attributed with the most recent NOAA Severe Weather Data Inventory The ability to identify unique land and crop combinations with the NRCS Soil Survey Geographic (SURRGO) database A new and improved California file reporting on [...]

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