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Agriculture Associations

If you’re looking to find new members for your ag association and need some help enhancing your lists, we can help. Take a look at the solutions that Farm Market iD has for you.

Crop Land Data Layer, Crop Input Data, Crop Rotation Data

Build your membership list based on criteria relevant to your industry.  There are millions of farmers out there, and not all of them are a good fit for your association. Choose from our over 200 demographics to find the farmers that are going to be long-term members.

Update and enhance your records. Don’t settle for incomplete information. Use our database to update your records so you have the best insights on your members and potential members – and can meet their needs.

Locate growers near events and other locations. With our geo-location technology tied to our database, we can locate growers within an up to 10 mile radius of a specified location, whether it’s an event, branch office or other important location.

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What We Recommend

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD


Build a list of farmers and growers based on Gross Farm Income, crop input data and over 200 demographics into FarmFocus and license the application for your marketing team.


Use Grower Profile to learn details about the growers in your industry – including your members – so you can further anticipate their needs.


Use FieldVision to identify growers near given locations and reach out to them.

Get Started

How does it all work?

Build & filter with FarmFocus.

Use over 200 available demographics to build a list of growers that closely aligns with your association. Then load that list into our FarmFocus for further targeting and communication efforts.

Watch the video to get an idea of how FarmFocus works.

Analyze farm operations.

Our Grower Profile application will show you the full contact information, crop rotation history, a map and satellite imagery of the farm operation, related growers, and your own custom notes and comments.Learn about the operation before you even have that first conversation.
Farm Focus 3 - Farm Market iD

Use FieldVision to contact farmers through geo-targeting.

With FieldVision, you can locate farmers within a certain proximity of an event or office, so you can contact farmers in nearby locations.

Watch the video to learn more about FieldVision.

Farm Market iD - Crop Rotation Data

Talk to our team and let’s get started.