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Ag Agencies, Market to Farmers

Agencies and Media

For ag agencies or media companies who market to farmers on behalf of agribusinesses, we have the data to help you understand the market and deliver consistent results to your clients.

Build customized lists of farmers for your various clients. Each of your clients has a different target market they’re trying to reach. With our proprietary database of 2.5 million farmers and growers, we can build a focused and actionable market segment for your customers to execute on. Then we can load that data into our FarmFocus application, where you can manage those lists and drill down to gain specific insights when asked.

Be precise in your messaging through use of data and targeting. Not only do we provide high-level data, but we can drill down to provide granular insights on individual growers. When you’re trying to find out the best marketing tactics for a particular audience, build buyer personas or nail down each campaign’s messaging, it’s helpful to have this detailed information so you can learn all you need to know about your client’s ideal customer.

Consistently measure and deliver results to your clients. Ag agencies don’t just need to perform, they need to report and adjust over time. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver consistent, measurable results to all who use our data. When you access the Farm Market iD database, you can guarantee that the data has been tested against multiple sources and provides the most comprehensive listing of farms, growers and ranchers in the country. And when we execute email and programmatic campaigns on your behalf, we are completely transparent with the results so you can test, adjust and provide answers to your clients’ questions.

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What We Recommend

FarmFocus - Farm Market iD

Build Your List

Build unique lists of farmers and growers from over 200 demographics into FarmFocus and license the application for your team.

Deploy Emails

Deploy email campaigns tailored to each specific audience your ag clients build.

Target Ads

Use programmatic ads to target unique messages for each client that follow farmers wherever they go online.

Get Started

How does it all work?

Build & filter with FarmFocus.

Take your client’s ideal customer base and build a target audience based on our over 200 available demographics – from location to crop data to consumer behaviors and more. Then load that data into FarmFocus to both refine that audience and look at the individual grower records as you refine your messaging and campaigns.

Deploy email campaigns.

Once you’ve built your target audience based on farm financial data, then it’s time to start marketing to those farmers. Send email campaigns to those same audiences you built in FarmFocus.

Each email campaign will be sent with the brand that you choose, so you can guarantee that the end customer will see your clients’ brand only. Plus, we have a completely transparent reporting system that you can use to make better strategic decisions and report back to the client.

Target ads through programmatic.

Many ag companies deliver digital ads through direct placement on ag media sites. As an agency, you’re in a unique position to give your clients a strategic advantage by urging them toward targeted programmatic ads. We combine our data with another third-party advertising platform to match our records to device IDs.

Using the audiences that you’ve already built out in FarmFocus, you can then target ads to those audiences and follow them wherever they go online – from sports sites to the weather.

Talk to our team and let’s get started.