Farm Market iD’s Database Covers Over 300 Million Crop Acres

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Farm Market iD today released its 2017 Annual Update of its farm and land database. The FMiD database now covers over one billion acres (1,091,880,497 acres), includes more than 322 million acres of crops like corn, soy, wheat, and over 100 more, and represents 94% of the major crop-production in the US. This year’s update in more than almost 2 months earlier than in prior years as we strive to bring you the most current/accurate data as earlier. Some key observations/stats from this year’s database update include:

  • Total number of farmer contacts id 2.57 million which includes 1.84 million primary decision makers (we also have landlords)
  • Average acres per farmer is 523 acres (up from 498 acres)
  • Average age of growers continue to increase (60.9 years)
  • We now break Wheat into Durum, Spring and Winter
  • Strong coverage of top crops in line with USDA figures:

“It is a Big Data exercise enacted by Big Data scientists.” commented Steve Rao, CEO.

Farm Market iD’s database is compiled from more than 100 different sources. It includes many primary government sources which are then enhanced and confirmed with a variety of other consumer and business data sets.  The completed file then goes through extensive quality assurance testing.

Rao adds “As the Farm Services Administration (FSA) no longer provides acres, crops or producer codes/roles data, no other company can provide what we provide.”

FMID database is being used in a variety of applications including powering its recently launched FarmFocus and FieldVision platforms as well as various market share, research and analysis it conducts with our clients.

Farm Market iD has been the standard bearer for detailed, accurate, fact-based information about the U.S. agriculture market for more than 40 years. The data and services FMiD provide, including trend analyses and enhanced email marketing capabilities, are used in a wide variety of business applications, ranging from advertising, research and promotion, as well as the development of marketing intelligence and sales strategies.