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The Ultimate Software for Agribusiness Strategy

Base your strategy on facts, not assumptions. Here’s what MarketView can do for your ag company. 

Create interactive dashboards to view your high-level data.

Choose from a variety of available components to create a customer, interactive dashboard for your business. See high-level counts, geographic locations of growers in your segment & ideal places for market penetration.

Filter selections on the dashboard.

Don’t stop at high level data. Filter the information based on your business’ specific needs, whether it’s a specific crop type, level of income or geographic location of the farmer.

Drill down into the data for deeper insights. 

Not only does MarketView let you see the high-level data, but you can also drill down to see the details. Our data is both summative and granular, depending on what you need in the moment.

Visualize your data through charts, graphs and more.

Whether you want to see your data as a pie chart, bar graph or a trend line, MarketView lets you visualize so you can better interpret, and act on, your findings.

Find unique counts for Growers, Addresses and Emails. 

No matter your marketing segments – email, social, digital ads – know the size of the segments and how they’re going to help you generate positive ROI for your business.

Integrate with software across all your teams.

Seamlessly connect your strategy, marketing and sales efforts in an integrated go-to-market effort. MarketView integrates with FarmFocus, FieldVision and Grower Profile.

Two Kinds of Analysis at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re looking at your place in the market or the market as a whole, MarketView can help you with your business intelligence & strategic analysis. 

Market & Wallet Share Analysis

Ask the following questions:

What is your market share?
What is the additional opportunity in your market?
What is your opportunity with existing customers?
What is your opportunity with existing prospects?

Analyze by:

Business Hierarchy
Grower Segment
Crop Year
And more

Grower & Crop Analysis

Ask the following questions:

What is the trend for specific crops?
How many growers in my market have an email address or phone number?
Has the crop mix in my area changed?

Analyze by:

Business Hierarchy
Grower Segment
Crop Year
And more

Use MarketView to Build Your Data-Powered Strategy

Start at the high level.

See the ag market starting at the top level. Then filter down based on your business’ priorities – whether that’s a particular crop or crop mix, Gross Farm income, or geographic location.

Compare your market share to what’s available.

Overlay your customer data with the data that we have on the market. See where you stand compared to what’s out there so you know how well your business is actually doing.

Determine your integrated marketing strategy based on channel counts. 

Know in advance the marketing channels that are going to best connect you with your audience. Whether it’s an address, email for digital marketing, or a phone call for direct outreach, run counts on all these channels so you can prioritize when and where to reach out.

Find the ideal opportunities for market penetration.

Find out where to hunt. Look at crop data, Gross Farm Income, geographic location and more to determine which segment of the market aligns best with your business’s products and positioning.

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