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Good data is a marketer’s most valuable asset. And today it’s essential to have the right data, precisely when you need it.

We specialize in providing data intelligence for companies who want to do business and understand the agriculture industry. Our extensive agri-marketing geospatial data is unique as it is sourced through both government records and proprietary data sources. With the addition of our ability to utilize in-season remote sensing technologies in concert with our data analysis and management solutions, we can now deliver more effective data and marketing solutions when you need them most.

With the current volatility of present day global markets and the host of individual factors exerting their influence, the U. S. agriculture industry is facing unprecedented pressures. The ability to analyze future markets and navigate the shifting landscape requires market intelligence never before available. The strength of agriculture in the United States is critical for a stable global food production system. What is needed to help ensure this stability is a fact-based market intelligence dataset and data management tools produced by the company recognized as the most accurate and current agriculture intelligence company, Farm Market iD.

Our objective is to provide agri-marketer solutions that are the most comprehensive data possible, manage and warehouse the data in concert with your proprietary data in a flexible system, and provide processes to maintain the data assets. Data insights will be generated based on our vast farm level production detail coupled with business and consumer data from the extensive data files within our system. The results are invaluable tools for understanding the industry, individual channels, evaluating market communication penetration, and setting future business strategies.

Crop Production

Our data and systems help you answer strategic questions as you support existing products and invest in the development of new products and resources.

Livestock & Animal Specialties

In addition to crops, producer data is available for beef, dairy, goats, sheep, and swine producers.

Agricultural Services

Our technology solutions for sales and channel management of product and service providers unlocks valuable details on the relationships between the land, crops, people, and farms.

Farm Machinery & Equipment

Identify farming operations by size, crop type, location and more, allowing you to target the right prospects to purchase or lease new equipment.

Banking & Insurance

Our grower data, combined with custom analytics and online tools, help you identify the best growers and owners for specific service offers and efficient and profitable loans.


Understand shifting acreage in the U.S. with our fact-based proprietary data.  The FMiD data and our CLU (Common Land Unit) layer in concert with your grower data will help in understanding and estimating total production by geography

Marketing & Advertising

We power the top creative ad agencies to support their clients’ agribusiness marketing objectives.  Learn more about our Integrated Marketing options.

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