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Are you working to define prospective markets for new program/product introductions?  Are you working on campaigns to stratify existing market segments?  We have you covered with our ag targeted media data.

Farm Market iD works closely with the top creative ad agencies in support of your clients’ agribusiness needs. We Build, Manage and Analyze databases providing intelligent targeting and data driven solutions. FMiD3D provides the power to implement effective offers that deliver meaningful value to your customers….so that they will spend more, buy more and be more responsive.

FMiD also serves the education industry, mostly universities and ag economic colleges. Our data provides needed support when conducting market research analysis, crop studies, and other specialized projects. By combing our grower profiles with common land unit boundaries, crop data layer information, and consumer and behavioral data sets, the programs studying U.S. agriculture are able to gain insight only Farm Market iD can provide.

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