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Integrated Marketing

Geospatial producer data + integrated marketing communications = agri-marketing success!

Agricultural marketers will increase their overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns by combining data with an integrated marketing strategy.  Integrated marketing is a communication strategy that blends various communication methods using consistent messages to various targeted markets. A recent survey by Marin Software found that 46 percent of digital marketers want to integrate marketing channels more thoroughly in their campaigns. This new strategy is highly effective with the number and diversity of target audiences reached increasing with each channel.

Typical marketing channels that are integrated include direct mail, phone, email, social media, and online advertising.

Integrated Marketing Graphic

Farm Market iD offers the only data solution for agri-marketers that accurately identifies the relationship between farms.  By showing the relationship from the land, to the crop, to the people, to the farm, and then the relationship between farms, we are able to arm our clients with the intelligence they need to make highly targeted marketing decisions.  Adding this geospatial intelligence to our integrated marketing options of address, phone, email, and online ad targeting arms you with all you need for marketing success.

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