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GIS Imagery


How does GIS and CLU data benefit agri-marketers?

Geospatial Analysis provides many benefits including:

  • In season progress reports on crop health; segment field by crop biomass to isolate those sections that are or are not growing well.
  • Enables precise location queries. How many acres of (any crop) are within XX miles of a location?
  • Visualization of agricultural data; how many customers and/or prospects are in this area?

Agri-Marketers need intelligence on the current conditions of farming operations and individual farm fields, that’s where GIS imagery can provide accurate, real-time information.

The Farm Market iD database provides incredible depth and breadth of data; 39 million polygons provide 92% coverage of all USA farm acres. Imagery can be used to view individual common land unit (CLU) and field yield potential by acreage. Soil types can be identified with an overlay of associated crop productivity, and irrigation pivot IDs can be confirmed. In addition, agricultural data on herbicide and seed usage can be entered to review product effectiveness. The imagery allows for review of historical files to see what was grown on any CLU in previous seasons. GIS imagery provides timely and additional visual farm data to meet the targeted needs of data-driven marketing campaigns.

Improved Common Land Unit (CLU) boundaries are the most accurate way to precisely define farm operations. Farm field data is altered in shape and size due to crop rotations, irrigation design, etc. Using CLU minimizes problems as data will change only if land ownership changes or the land is split into more than one parcel. This is because the CLU is based on permanent boundaries such as fence lines, roads, waterways, etc.

Farm Market iD has incorporated the CLU to deliver more accuracy and faster utilization of agricultural data to help marketers target farms and crops grown on very specific fields.

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