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Do you need a simple farm mailing list or telemarketing list? FMiD Express provides you the ability without all of the hassle.

Query the Farm Market iD database, get a count for appropriate records with your selection criteria and then place an order using your credit card. FMiD Express uses a simple 4 step process in creating the list you need.

It’s fast and easy:

  • Select your geography
  • Select your demographics
  • Select your count options
  • Review & complete your count

With FMiD Express, you will be able to:

  • Search by specific crops, livestock and/or gross farm income
  • Create mail only or mail with telephone lists
  • Flexible geographical selections – state, county & ZIP code

Feel free to contact us if you are not sure what you are looking for. We will review your market intelligence needs and assist you with the right “questions” to deliver the farm data you want and need.


One Time Use

Mail only – $150/m*

Mail / telephone when available – $200/m*

Mail / telephone required – $200/m*

Annual License

Mail only – $500/m*

Mail / telephone when available – $600/m*

Mail / telephone required – $600/m*

* M = Thousand records

Minimum of $50 per order

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