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Farm Market iD Database

The Farm Market iD Proprietary Database is available to help you locate new farm prospects, enhance the data you have on your current database, and provide answers to questions that are important to agri-marketers:

  • Are my sales resources aligned correctly to capitalize on shifting crops and geography?
  • Are trends explainable based on the demographic composition of farming operations?
  • Are Gen Y farmers making different decisions and choices?
  • Are crop rotation patterns changing and how does that affect my marketing communication database?

The Farm Market iD Proprietary Database is a farm database of owners, owner/operators, and operators serving the agriculture marketplace, and has been the go to resource for agri-marketers for 40 years. The farm operation data is compiled and updated using government and proprietary data sources, including, but not limited to, the United States Department of Agriculture and State Departments of Agriculture. The data is updated annually and is regularly updated using data hygiene procedures. Additional data demographics are available from our portfolio of supporting data intelligence solutions.

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