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End-to-End Email Marketing

Deliver your own branded message to the inboxes of your ideal prospects.

Email product updates, offers and more to new audiences and your current database – all through turn-key agriculture email marketing service provided by Farm Market iD.

Why Email?


No broadcasting or working with ad sites – just send a message to your audience.


Opens, clicks and overall engagement: we can track each campaign’s effectiveness.


With a Farm Market iD’s email data, you can be confident that your content will land in the inbox.


Each message can be customized for each recipient.


Email is fully customizable. Whether you’re sending a short note or a full newsletter, this is the way to do it.


Email can yield up to $38 ROI for every $1 spent.

Why Farm Market iD?

Our team has decades of experience executing all kinds of agriculture email marketing campaigns. We understand that nuances that get you beyond a delivery and into the Inbox – where real engagement happens.

We do more than hit the “Send” button. We provide you with our expertise in creative testing, throttling, ISP monitoring, along with detailed reporting to optimize performance.

Here’s what we do:

Work with Your Creative. You provide us what you want to send. We’ll provide consulting and suggestions on how to align with best practices but, ultimately, it’s your email.

Turn-Key Service. We build your email list based on your demographics or customer file (fully appended and validated), send the email for you, using our IP addresses and domains, but your brand is the only one visible. That way, you get maximum reach without any risk to your domain or IP address(es).

Pre-Deployment Analysis. To ensure campaign success, we analyze and test before sending. This includes testing rendering on all mobile and desktop operating systems, SPAM scoring assessment and inbox testing.

In-Campaign Monitoring. These optimization services include throttling and timing each send, monitoring ISP performance, and A/B testing subject lines, the body of the email, and audience segments.

Comprehensive & Transparent Reporting. After the campaign, we give you a full report of the performance so you know what worked and where we can improve.

Here are the stats we’ve seen in previous email campaigns:


Delivery rate


Open rate


Click to open rate

*Note that prospecting emails will have a much lower open rate than emails sent to customers or subscribers.
Open and click rates depend entirely on your email’s subject line, copy and call-to-action. This is simply what we’ve seen from clients who’ve used our services in the past.

Services Included


  • SPAM scoring analysis
  • Creative rendering assessment
  • Inbox testing
  • Audience selection/refinement
  • Email address validation
  • A/B - split testing
  • Campaign setup
  • Consultation on best practices


  • Email throttling
  • Cadence management
  • ISP & blacklist monitoring
  • Engagement monitoring
  • Engagement reporting
  • Hosting opt-out/unsubscribe


  • Reporting
  • Optimization recommendations
  • ISP & blacklist monitoring
  • Full list of farmers who click

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