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Many agri-marketers are just starting to explore email marketing and are looking for high quality farm email lists. Farm Market iD has been helping customers with email append projects since 2010.

Email services from Farm Market iD provide you with the data and tools you need for an effective email communications program. Whether you are just starting with email communications, or to improve your existing email data, FMiD can help with farm email lists. The nation’s most comprehensive and current database of farms and farm producers coupled with our proprietary “quality-of-match” decision models make the Farm Market iD Email Append Services a top performer for clients.

Why should you append email addresses to your customer file?

  • Communicate more effectively and at a lower cost to current customers
  • Engage less active customers
  • Increase sales from your existing database via cross-sell and up-sell

Why work with Farm Market iD?

  • Each email address is scored based on several factors including the number of reported sources.
  • Large repository of email addresses, over 1,100,000 on the Farm Market iD database plus access to 295 million total opt-in email addresses.
  • Email addresses go through a proprietary 8-step validation process to deliver the best email file possible.

Suppression File

Not only do we maintain an immaculate database for append and reverse append projects, but we house a separate suppression file of over 280 million records. These are email addresses identified as bad, fraudulent, spam traps or complainers – none of which you want to add to your customer database as the results can be disastrous for your sending reputation.

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