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Agricultural Data Services

You may know us as the company that provides the most accurate data about farmers and the crops they grow for marketing campaigns. But we are so much more than a “list” provider.

Data can help answer key questions such as:

  • How do I get targeted prospects?
  • How can I learn more about my customers and prospects?
  • Do you need to know the key target area for your products or services?
  • Do you want to have your message reach the key contacts with purchase-making authority?
  • Is your market share increase/decline truly organic or simply following the trend?
  • What is your market share of total gross farm dollars?

Good farm data can be an agricultural marketers most valuable asset. And today it’s essential to have the right data, precisely when you need it. We specialize in providing agricultural data intelligence for companies who want to sell to the ag industry. Farm Market iD offers a broad portfolio of innovative data management methodologies. As a leading information services and professional analytics provider we deliver proprietary models that are proven to be effective over a wide range of vertical markets. The keen insight of the professional team at FMiD in concert with a full suite of data sources and proprietary services delivers the actionable information and critical insight you need.

Farm Market iD Database

The Farm Market iD Proprietary Database is available to help you locate new farm prospects, enhance the data you have on your current database, and provide answers to questions that are important to agri-marketers.

California Data

The Farm Market iD California database provides farm data intelligence for the $53 billion dollar California agriculture industry.

Agriculture Business ID

The Farm Market iD Agriculture Business ID database is compiled utilizing multiple public and private data sources.

Geospatial Analysis

Agri-Marketers need intelligence of farming operations and individual farm fields for successful target marketing. Our geospatial intelligence provides accurate, real-time information.

Email Append

Email services from Farm Market iD provide you with the data and tools you need for an effective email communications program.

Email List Rental

Email services from Farm Market iD provide you with the data and tools you need for an effective email communications program.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is practiced by business of all sizes. Farm Market iD provides the ability to focus on the customer and prospect target with actionable segments with the powerful data, multi-channel addressability, and ROI trackable results.

Digital Marketing

The depth of the Farm Market iD data generates a robust platform for today’s digital tools and social media platforms. Using the FMiD digital marketing data and services can support the promotion of your brands and growth strategies with individually tailored approaches.

Integrated Marketing

The full vertical data intelligence of the farm from land to crop to people to the farm provided by Farm Market iD supports the unification of your marketing methods. By implementing an integrated marketing strategy support by FMiD, you can reinforce the market impact of each method and capitalize on the data generated to grow your business.

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