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Data Management

Data management is a continuous process required to keep your farm customer and farm prospect data clean and actionable. An agricultural data intelligence management strategy is essential to ensure you have the correct agricultural data information and contact points to communicate with customers and prospects at all stages of the sales and retention buying cycle.

Capturing customer contact and purchase data is just the first step in creating effective marketing campaigns. Analyzing your data can provide insight into who is likely to purchase a comparable product or service, who has the potential to make a larger purchase, and pin point the attributes of your best customers so you can find more just like them. We will work with you to provide exactly what you need, whether it’s a simple good customer profile or a sophisticated regression model.

With the current volatility of present day global markets and the host of individual factors exerting their influence, the U. S. agricultural industry is facing unprecedented pressures. The ability to analyze future markets and navigate the shifting landscape requires market intelligence never before available to this vital industry. The strength of agriculture in the United States is critical for a stable food production system. What is needed to help ensure this stability is a fact-based market intelligence dataset and market intelligence management solutions produced by the company recognized as the most accurate and current agriculture intelligence company, Farm Market iD® .


Farm Focus

A unique online data access tool, Farm Focus, allows you to navigate through our database of crop and livestock data. A unique agricultural database meeting your specifications.

FMID Express

Farm Market iD Express

Our FMiD Express tool give you 24/7 access to our industry leading agri-marketing data.  Access quick lists for telemarketing and direct mail purposes.

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