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Data Analysis

Marketers can improve campaign performance with the use of modeling and analytic services. Farm Market iD has a team of analytics experts who can help you with everything from a simple good customer profile, to sophisticated regression models, farm profiles, and farm analytics.

Our segmentation experts work closely with clients to determine the profiles and models that will provide the best return on investment.

Analytic services allow you to:

  • Maximize response, customer activation and cross-sell opportunities
  • Segmentation techniques increase marketing effectiveness and increase ROI

Our full service capabilities include profile, profile model, and response model builds.  We can provide end-to-end projects for you or assist your in house analytics team with a particular project quickly.

To support your long term market penetration and segmentation efforts you need to put he power of market intelligence and insight in the hands of those that need it most.  3D is an easy to use database and campaign management platform pulling all of your data together. No more data silos! Our solution will make your marketing and sales teams smarter about the markets and customers important to your organization.



3D is a database management and campaign technology platform that can be easily used by every member of your marketing and database team. No more complicated systems that require constant IT team support!

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