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Crop Production

Farm Market iD works with the leading crop protection and nutrient companies in the agricultural industry helping you market to U.S. farmers.

Our crop production marketing data and systems help you answer strategic questions as you support existing products and invest in the development of new products and resources.

Here are some of the questions we can help you answer:

  • What does my current market share look like at each of the geographies (i.e. county) and how has this changed over the last five years?
  • Are certain markets or market segments shifting land more to one crop or to new and different crops (i.e. new corn production; stone fruit to vines and olives)?
  • How can I provide quantifiable data for regulatory discussions?

By using the fact-based market analysis and research tools from Farm Market iD manufacturers are able to identify users and stakeholders, detail use cases and business challenges, and capitalize on internal intelligence to optimize returns on product marketing and development.

Additional Markets We Serve:

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