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Farm Market iD has been serving the agri-marketing community for over four decades.

We are the leaders in fact-based data, and continue to introduce new services to help agri-marketers manage their own data assets, as well as analyze marketing data. The result is customers who can more effectively help farmers and growers meet the needs of the growing world population.

With the current volatility of present day global markets and the host of individual factors exerting their influence, the U. S. agricultural industry is facing unprecedented pressures. The ability to analyze future markets and navigate the shifting landscape requires market intelligence never before available. The strength of agriculture in the United States is critical for a stable food production system. What is needed to help ensure this stability is a fact-based market intelligence dataset and market intelligence management solutions produced by the company recognized as the most accurate and current agriculture intelligence company, Farm Market iD.

You may know us as the company that provides the most accurate data about farmers and the crops they grow for marketing campaigns. But we are so much more than a “list” provider.

Farm Market iD provides unique insights into land ownership changes, land going into conservation programs, and historic data trends for over 20 years. We also help agri marketers analyze their own data to help them connect with current customers as well as new prospects. Data management applications, both for in office and field sales use are core competencies of Farm Market iD. It’s not the data we have; it’s what we do with it that leads to success for our clients.

Our company is dedicated to providing the most accurate and timely data and marketing solutions in the country. Farm Market iD has supplied critical data for the top equipment, seed, chemical and retail companies in the business for over 30 years. Our database of farmer owners is unrivaled in its size, breadth and accuracy. FMiD marketing data services have been helping marketers understand, analyze and manage customer and prospect data and the market in general for over four decades.

Farm Market iD has offices in Westmont, IL, Winchester, VA, and Omaha, NE.

Company Timeline

Market Identification, or Market ID, as it was known then was started by Ed Baranowski. Ed created the first collection of data resulting in a complete file of farm owner/operators, operators, owners and other records of individuals who received USDA payments during a given program crop year.

Most agribusiness marketer of any size, large and small, began to utilize the unique Market ID data to segment growers by crop and acres to implement targeted communications and sales programs. This was a revolutionary approach in agri-marketing, leading to the current use of farm data as we know it today.

Fran King, a seasoned agrimarketer, joined to help expand the business.  Eventually Baranowski sold the business to King and his partners.  In the mid-1970s John Montandon and Scott Smith, both veterans in ag publishing, simultaneously acquired Market ID and its main competitor, National Farm Databank. Montandon and Smith’s company, Multi Ag Media LLC, combined the two farm data entities and created the data unit, Farm Market iD, which has developed into the industry’s leading farm data and data solutions provider.

Multi Ag Media sold controlling interest in Farm Market iD to Telematch, Inc.

Farm Market iD partnered with SatShot to provide comprehensive GIS Data to customers.

Farm Market iD is headquartered in Westmont, IL with additional offices in Springfield, VA and Omaha, NE. With a dedicated and professional staff, Farm Market iD continues to innovate and lead the ag industry with data products, platforms and services created from multiple sources which go far beyond its founding days.  The history of Farm Market iD is one of remarkable growth and service to the U.S. agribusiness industry.

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