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Farm Market iD harvests the most reliable and richest agriculture data, providing the deepest agricultural marketing solutions for the U.S. agriculture industry.


Data Services

Marketing is matching the right offer to the right prospect at the right time. It is this reason that marketers need to have accurate and actionable agriculture data to deliver marketing and communication campaigns that maximize Return on Investment.

  • Find new customers with our farm mailing lists
  • Update phone, email and address for your customers and prospects
  • Get crop, acreage, demographic, geospatial, behavioral and other information
  • Understand the farming enterprise at the farm field level

Data Management

Keep your customer and prospect data clean and actionable. A data management strategy is essential to ensure that you have the correct agricultural data information and contact points to support your marketing tactics and strategy.

  • Build and maintain your sales and marketing database (no more data silos)
  • Weave multiple channels into an integrated marketing and sales strategy
  • Turn Data into Information and Information into Action


Data Analysis

Marketers can improve campaign performance with the use of modeling and analytic services.  Farm Market iD’s team of analytics experts can help you with everything from a simple good customer profile, to sophisticated regression models.

  • Blueprint your best customers and find more like them
  • Calculate and track ROI in your marketing campaigns
  • Segment your marketing to target the right person at the right time with the right offer
  • Capitalize on up sell and cross sell while minimizing customer churn

FieldVision: A Mobile Responsive Web Application powered by Farm Market iD

Have you ever been driving down the highway and wondered, “Who owns that tract of land?” With FieldVision, you can get an answer to that question and much, much more.

News & Blog

Farm Market iD identifies the relationship between farms

Farm Market iD offers the only data solution for agri-marketers that identifies the matrix relationship between individuals and farms.  By showing the relationship from the land, to the crop, to the people, to the farm, and then the relationship between farms, we are able to arm our clients with the intelligence they need to make highly targeted marketing decisions.  Adding this geospatial intelligence to our integrated marketing options of address, phone, email, and online ad targeting, we have you covered.

Agriculture Data - Farm, People, Crop, Land


We aggregate all the information to give you a clear picture of the entire farm; from land, to crop, to people.


Agriculture data with insight into each person that is associated with a farm address.


Data is updated annually and provides year-over-year cropping analysis linked to the farm and the land.


Starting at the land provides unique and powerful agriculture data with geospatial precision.

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